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Audio: Ed Gillespie Says (Diverse, Vote-Rich) Northern Virginia Is “Enemy Territory”


Gotta love this: Virginia State Sen. Mark Obenshain, a far-right extremist whose signature legislation was to criminalize miscarriages (not kidding, check it out!), says that Ed Gillespie has been working the Metro stations in northern Virginia, and Gillespie’s response is – again, not making this shit up – “enemy territory, but working it.” I don’t know about you, but I immediately had a flashback to the fall of 2008, when John McCain’s brother called Northern Virginia “Communist Country.” What is it with Republicans and diverse, vibrant, economically successful Northern Virginia anyway? Think about it — perhaps it’s the “diverse” part, perhaps combined with the fact that they keep getting their butts kicked in Northern Virginia?

  • From Progress VA:

    Ed Gillespie Calls Northern Virginia “Enemy Territory”
    Dwindling number of Virginia voters Gillespie hasn’t attacked in this campaign

    Richmond, Virginia—New video footage released today from American Bridge shows GOP candidate for governor Ed Gillespie dismissing the one in three Virginia voters who live in Northern Virginia as “enemy territory.” The shocking footage was taken at a fundraiser for Gillespie on September 14, 2017.

    “Another day, anotherEd Gillespie attack on Virginia voters,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia said. “At this rate, by Election Day there won’t be any voters left that Gillespie hasn’t demonized or ridiculed. Perhaps his new campaign slogan should be “disrespect for all Virginians.” We need a governor who will represent and work for all Virginians, not just the ones who don’t mind Gillespie’s racist attacks.”

    Nearly a third of the Virginia population lives in Northern Virginia. In the course of his campaign, Ed Gillespie has come out strongly against the restoration of rights for returning citizens, run racist campaign ads, and supported gerrymandering in a blatant attempt to choose his own voters rather than allowing the voters to choose who would serve them. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

  • Laura Lee

    TV ad in 3 2 1………..

  • mikestark

    So, as governor, how would Gillespie deal fairly with “enemy territory”? Hell, by the end of his term, perhaps he won’t have any metro stations to campaign at, eh?

  • alternatesteve2

    Hi folks. Recently shared this with Lt. Gov. Northam and even let sent his official account a PM via Twitter, so hopefully he’ll get the message soon.

  • HaroldCh8

    Liberal advocacy group Democracy for America (DFA) ends support for Northam due to his “racism”.


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