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Monday News: Charles Manson Dead: Trump Says “I Should Have Left Them in Jail”; Comstock Dodges Trump Question


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, November 20.

  • No, the rumors about Linda Perriello possibly running for Congress are not – repeat, NOT – true. Here’s her statement.

    Several days ago I was surprised to see a tweet about an effort to get me to run for Congress in the 5th District. While I have sincerely appreciated various friends and fellow Democrats who floated the idea to me over the years, it was not something I had seen as more than loving flattery. Winning this district and defeating Tom Garrett is a priority, and I would consider stepping into the breach if no one had yet come forward. But the truth is that we have not one but four good candidates who have come forward and are campaigning vigorously for our support. I am impressed by our options and excited to see who emerges as our best, most principled chance to regain the seat.

    Ever since my son Tom decided to jump into the political arena in 2008, it has been my great joy and passion to join his campaigns for change in our beloved Commonwealth, first in the Fifth District, then as a committed member of OneVirginia2021 battling for Redistricting Reform and this year joining in Tom’s Primary campaign and working with dedication to elect Democrats to the House of Delegates. I am especially grateful to our delegate challengers who fell short of victory, many of whom overperformed against incredible odds and deserve enormous credit for their contributions to transforming Virginia’s political landscape forever.

    In my heart I believe our party has always been and must remain the party of teachers and preachers, builders and truckers, farmers and main street shop owners, nurses and union members, babies and grandparents because we are the party of families that work hard and depend on a paycheck to realize the American dream. Many of us have realized that dream through the opportunities provided us by generations of Americans who understood and stood up for American values: great public education, freedoms purchased with the shared sacrifice of citizen soldiers and courageous citizen activists, and the belief that we are indeed the UNITED States of America. Few things have ever given me more hope in that dream than the 2017 elections here in Virginia which saw a surge of candidates who stood for something and an outpouring of volunteers by the thousands from every zip code, demographic group and economic circumstance who stood shoulder to shoulder pulling in the same direction. Hope and change.

    The future beckons – let’s get to work!

    Linda Perriello – Tom’s Mom

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  • Adam M

    You think you know a man… And to think, I voted for Chuck Slimp for student body president in high school. That was the first and only time I voted for Republican albeit I didn’t know he was.

  • Three crazy/nasty/bigoted tweets by pretty much the last person who should be on the Fairfax County Public School Board (or ANY school board)