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Tuesday News: “Time for Republicans to denounce this tax nonsense”; “Congress speeds toward shutdown over Dreamers”; TMac on Democracy Now


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 21.

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    Here’s a fact sheet on Virginia solar.

    • So…261 MW of solar, which is a start but still pathetically and inexcusably low. And no, Gov. McAuliffe, it’s not even close to 3,000 MW of solar; where on earth did you get THAT number from???

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        Yeah, 3000 MW of solar is a precatory figure, not panels on the ground. But we need to get there and exceed that figure. Even Dominion Power says Virginia could produce over 5000 MW of solar electricity.

        • Thanks for introducing me to the word “precatory,” which I promptly looked up! 🙂

          relating to or expressing a wish or request.
          (in a will) expressing a wish or intention of the testator.
          “a trust can be left in precatory words”

  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcement to completely reverse the net neutrality rules:

    Chairman Pai’s reported plan to roll back net neutrality protections isn’t just a giveaway to big corporations – it’s a threat to the internet as we know it. Today, the internet is a free, open, and neutral platform; those traits have made it a seedbed for innovative technologies and groundbreaking ideas. Limiting access to certain websites and content will change the internet forever – at the expense of the many, for the benefit of the few. I am deeply disappointed by tonight’s news, and I will strongly oppose this plan. I urge the full commission to value the free and open internet when they officially vote on Chairman Pai’s proposed change in December.

  • Comment by Sen. Tim Kaine on the net neutrality announcement

    This is a big loss for consumers. Everyone deserves a free and open internet and this decision goes against that value. I’ll be joining my Senate colleagues urging the Trump Administration and FCC Chairman Pai to reconsider the repeal of net neutrality rules.

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  • Beyer on FCC Net Neutrality Decision: “The FCC and the Trump Administration Are Siding With Telecom Giants Against Internet Freedom”

    November 21, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) – Rep. Don Beyer today condemned the decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to end the Obama-era policy known as “net neutrality.” The new proposal announced by Trump appointees to the FCC would empower internet service providers to limit or charge American consumers more for different kinds of internet content.

    “By ending net neutrality the FCC and the Trump Administration are siding with telecom giants against internet freedom,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “This move hurts people across the country who need and deserve consumer-friendly internet regulations. It also severely harms small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs who depend on a free and open internet to grow their businesses.”

    The FCC will vote on the proposal to end net neutrality on December 14.