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Endorsement: Kenny Boddye for the Next Chair of the Occoquan Democrats


This endorsement decision – Kenny Boddye for the next Chair of the Occoquan (PW County) Democrats – can’t get any easier or clearer.  If you don’t know Kenny, in short he’s a force of nature, one of the most committed and effective Democratic grassroots activists I’ve encountered in recent years. He’s also a passionate progressive, environmentalist, and one of the friendliest people I’ve met in politics (and no, the “in politics” part is not a backhanded compliment). 😉  As an example of what I’m talking about, Kenny lost a Democratic primary this past June but, far from taking his ball and going home, he worked even harder, if anything, to elect his former rival — as well as Virginia Democrats up and down the ticket. That’s not necessarily common in politics, but it’s refreshing and inspiring to see!

With that, I strongly endorse Kenny Boddye for Chair of the Occoquan Democrats and encourage everyone else to support him as well. The election is on December 14 at the Occoquan Dems Reorganization Meeting (7:30 pm at 5 County Complex Ct, Woodbridge, VA). Go Kenny!

  • Kenneth Ferland

    Is this a county committee or one for an independent city? I though Manasas was the main city in PW and I’ve never heard of Occoquan I’m not in NOVA so this question is purely academic mine you.

    • PW County is divided into magisterial districts, just like in Fairfax, Loudoun, Henrico, etc. See http://www.pwcgov.org/government/bocs/pages/redistricting-information.aspx

      • Kenneth Ferland

        So if this a county government position?

        I though it was one committee (and chair) per county or independent city. Is he running to chair a sub-committee of the large PW county committee or is each magisterial district a separate committee, if so that somewhat makes sense given the high population density up in NOVA.

        • He’s running for the Occoquan District Democratic Committee Chair position.

  • I echo what lowkell says about Ken. No candidate that lost in their primary, other than possibly Tom Perriello, worked harder FOR the candidate that beat them out, to ensure that the incumbent that they wanted to beat, had all of the support they needed. No one is more dedicated to the advancement of the Democratic Party AND our community than Ken Boddye.

  • Harry

    I fully endorse Kenny, outgoing Occoquan MD Chair did a spectacular job in energizing the Committee. Kenny’s effort to elect Democrats across the county but particularly his primary opponent, Hala Ayala, is a lesson for all.