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Neo-Confederate Extremist Corey Stewart Heads South to Campaign for Sexual Predator Roy Moore


Just a reminder of who Corey Stewart is, as he heads down to Alabama to campaign for bigot, theocrat, far-right extremist and serial sexual predator (on teenage girls) Roy Moore. Check out the following articles, and tell me these two guys aren’t two rotting peas in a blighted pod?

  • Harry

    No surprise here, Stewart believes the path to beating Tim Kaine is to enlist every neo-nazi, white supremacist and pedofile in the commonwaelth to knock doors for him. I’m sure there will be overwhelming support for someone who embraces Nazis, thinks Virginia is still in the 1850’s and thinks being designated a pedofile is a badge of honor.

    • bluevirginia

      Simply amazing that this guy could be chairman of the Board of Supervisors in an incredibly diverse, “majority minority” county like PW County…

      • paddis

        Amazing, also appalling. He’s in his fourth term too. Let it be his last.

        I look at a picture of the people who live in the county and then at a picture of the Board of Sup’s, and all I can say is: Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Chris Ambrose

    It increasingly looks like he might be even too extreme to get the nomination of the Republican voters. Campaigning for a pedophile should be disqualifying. But this is the GOP were talking about… we will have to see.

    • After Trump, I strongly doubt that ANYONE would be too extreme to get the Republican nomination.

  • And of course neo-Confederate Corey Stewart makes a beeline for the nearest Confederate monument in Alabama, as he campaigns for sexual predator and extremist Roy Moore.