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Saturday News: “Trump appears delusional — but the modern-day GOP led the way”; Ayn Rand-Style Right Wingnut Nick Freitas Joins 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate Field – FREEDOM!!!


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, December 9. Oh, and check out the video of newly announced VA GOP U.S. Senate candidate Nick Freitas channeling Ayn Rand about the horrors of gubmint and people telling you what to do and stuff. Nutjob. For some examples illustrating what Freitas believes, check out ‘Religious freedom’ bill passes House committee over objections from LGBT advocates and also his Project Vote Smart ratings (ZERO from NARAL, 100% from the NRA, a pathetic 24% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters, 90% from the bats***-crazy American Conservative Union, etc.). And note that Freitas will be facing two even MORE extreme Republicans, if that’s possible — neo-Confederate xenophobe Corey Stewart and frothing-at-the-mouth-crazy Ewwwww Jackson. Yes, that’s today’s Virginia GOP for you – the John Birch Society on steroids.

  • Democrat Ben Hixon on the guy he ran against in 2017, Nick Freitas:

    Delegate Nick Freitas certainly has a politician’s ambition. Just two years ago he ousts Delegate Ed Scott, and now he’s already running for Senate. He’s actually been talking about his Senate run for months and there was even a ‘Draft Nick Freitas for US Senate’ Facebook page that was maintained throughout his campaign by paid members of his campaign staff, including his legislative aide and campaign manager. He was running for two offices at the same time. It shows that he thinks of Culpeper as just a political pit stop. He used this year’s campaign to network all over Virginia, instead of meeting with voters here face-to-face like I did. That’s how I learned that our biggest local concerns are vocational training, internet availability, and the opioid crisis. I didn’t read it in a philosophy book or a political blog, I heard it during thousands of face-to-face conversations with voters right here at home. Voters that Delegate Freitas didn’t have time to speak with since he was busy traveling around Virginia building support for his Senate run.

    Delegate Freitas thinks freedom means you’re on your own. That if you can’t afford healthcare then too bad, that if there’s no internet in your area then too bad, but that the government gets to take away your tax money and give it to homophobic businesses without your consent. His HB 2025 said government contractors get to fire their gay employees and no matter how hard we protest, how many Yelp reviews we write, those contractors by law get to pocket your tax money and stay in business. That’s part of why Culpeper Democrats had a 22% increase in turnout compared to 2013, why Delegate Freitas lost the town of Culpeper last month, and why Culpeper Democrats will make sure that he loses it again to Tim Kaine in November. We need a delegate who is committed to us, not to the next rung up the political ladder.

    • John Dawson

      “Freitas thinks freedom means you’re on your own”, but us progressive liberal socialists know that freedom means everyone working for and dependent on everyone else, with the government deciding who should give more according to their ability and who should get more according to their need – that’s real freedom, freedom from the responsibility of deciding what’s the right price, what’s the right wage, who we should hire, who we should work for, what’s the right product, what’s the right thing to say and what you must never say – oh what a wonderfully free world that will be.

      • Been reading your Ayn Rand, I see.

        • John Dawson

          I don’t need her genius to observe what hundreds of ignoble experiments have been demonstrating over and over again for a hundred years.

    • dave schutz

      I like Freitas substantially better than Stewart (I know, it’s a low bar … but he clears it!) and he backs instant runoff voting, which would be a huge improvement for Virginia elections generally.

  • Americans for Prosperity (the Koch brothers’ Orwellian organization, which really should be called Americans for Rich White Guys and Screw Everyone Else) and Spicey at the VA GOP’s 2017 “Advance” (aka, RETREAT!!!)


  • Quizzical

    Iraq declares war with ISIS over
    Can we start bringing our forces home tomorrow?

  • Norment

    Tommy Norment gets a shout out in this mornings nyt article on sexual abuse of female lobbyists.


    Any chance the Virginia legislature will toughen up rules on this?

  • woodrowfan

    forget pot and alcohol. We need to ban impressionable teenagers from reading Ayn Rand….. It’s a far worse influence over their lifetimes…

  • 2018 VA GOP US Senate candidate Corey Stewart goes full racist “birther” and also conspiracy theorist