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Video: Rallies for Electoral Justice in Fredericksburg, Richmond


I was in Alexandria, but here’s some video from the rallies for electoral justice held in Fredericksburg and Richmond today. Great work by everybody, first and foremost Cindy Cunningham, who organized all this on such short notice!

Courtesy of Ali Symons: The main speeches of the rally for Electoral Justice in Fredericksburg:

Courtesy of Ali Symons: “The last few speeches given outside in Market Square by Steve Aycock, Del. Marcus Simon, and Edwin Santana (Candidate for CD1).”

Courtesy of Ali Symons: “Kenny Allen Boddye giving us the low down on why we are rallying for Electoral Justice here today.”

Courtesy of Liz Pettit:

  • Kenny Boddye:

    Today I joined with elected officials, congressional candidates, and grassroots leaders from.across pur commonwealth to Rally for Electoral Justice. The rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia I helped host was one of three rallies across Virginia, along with Richmond Rally for Electoral Justice and Alexandria Rally for Electoral Justice.

    We heard from Mitzi Kendall who have been involved with the lawsuit in Fredericksburg, as well as Stephen Spitz on behalf of Progressive Democrats of America and Deanna Bayer for Congressional Candidate Ryan Sawyers. Also joining us were Edwin Santana for Congress – VA1, Tom Hicks for Congress, Cindy Michelle Cunningham (The Wandering Canvasser and from Code Blue and VAPLAN (Virginia Progressive Legislative Action Network)), former candidate Steve Aycock, Stafford NAACP, Delegate-Elect Lee J. Carter and Delegate Marcus B. Simon.

    Our rally was held in the Fredericksburg Town Hall and Market Square, which was home to a slave auction block and several fights for human rights and social justice. Our fight for these ideals is not over, and we cannot rest until all voters are heard!

  • Video: Rally For Electoral Justice Richmond Virginia


  • Cindy Cunningham:

    Phew! We actually pulled off three simultaneous Rallies for Electoral Justice across Virginia with less than a week planning! Thank you so much to everyone who came out today in the cold and snow to stand up for fair and just Elections in Virginia. Election policies aren’t exactly the sexiest topic, but yet, if we don’t have fair elections, the rest of our democracy is kind of worthless.

    Thank you so much to my co-organizers: Boyd Walker, Stair Calhoun, Paul Alan Friedman, Kenny Allen Boddye, Liz Pettit, and Monica Hutchinson!

    And thank you to all our speakers, including Mark Levine, Alfonso Lopez, Marcus Simon, Kellen Squire, Abigail Spanberger, Ben Cullop, and Edwin Santana for Congress – VA1 for making time to speak at our rallies on such short notice!