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Wednesday News: “Conservatism Can’t Survive Donald Trump Intact”; “The wholesale looting of America”; The Power of a Single Vote on Full Display in Virginia


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, December 20.

  • Video: Congratulations to Erik Gutshall on his swearing-in as the newest member of the Arlington County Board! (see the 2 hour, 4 minute mark of this video)



    Those of us trying to reach Barbara Comstock to let her know that her constituents are opposed to the tax bill only get an answering machine that tells us she is for the bill and no opportunity to leave a message. If you aren’t a millionaire, she doesn’t care. Is she getting ready to pull a Corker and just cash in with a 7 figure lobbying job?

    • We need to focus on defeating this disgraceful excuse for a “representative” in November 2018.

  • MSNBC Video: Shelly Simonds On Historic Single-Vote Win


  • Joining his boss, Kirk Cox, in sticking (so far) with the “Speaker-Designee” crap on their twitter bios


  • Deranged Fox “News” extremist claims that Virginia doing what almost EVERY SINGLE OTHER STATE does (for ex felons, once you’ve done your time, you get your right to vote back) somehow was a nefarious plot


  • James McCarthy

    It may be that the tax bill will result in increased take home pay for many voters thru Nov 2018 providing the radical right fodder to promote candidates. Dems need to develop counter points. Reminds me of the good old days when votes were purchased for a few bucks or drinks.

    BTW, Carlson is deranged and he wears it well. If more than 200,000 Virginians voted for Dem delegates, the few felons who had voting rights restored AND voted did not make the difference. But what does Carlson care about facts on Faux News.

  • Governor McAuliffe Statement on Senate’s Passage of GOP Tax Bill

    RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today following the Senate’s rapid passage of the Republican tax cut bill early this morning:

    “Today, Republicans in Congress sent the American people a clear message that they care more about enriching donors and corporations than serving families facing real economic challenges. At a time when corporations are posting record profits and workers continue to get squeezed, this bill tips the scale even further toward the wealthy and away from the middle class.

    “The people of Virginia and this nation need leaders who will fight to create opportunity for all people, not just the wealthy and well-connected. The members of Congress who voted for this disastrous bill let us down.”

  • Video: House Republicans, including members of the Virginia House delegates, disgrace themselves yet one MORE time.


  • New Democrat Coalition Statement on GOP Tax Bill

    Washington, DC – Today, key Members of the New Democrat Coalition released the following statement on the passage of the harmful tax bill:

    “By now, we all know the big picture failures of this tax bill. The bill will add roughly $2 trillion to the national debt and lead to 13 million Americans losing their health insurance, driving up health insurance premiums for those with coverage by an additional 10 percent every year. This bill very disproportionately benefits the wealthiest Americans and large corporations as opposed to the middle class, and the modest benefits that some, not all, Americans may see will mostly phase out in coming years leading to taxes going up for many Americans.

    “Real reform doesn’t explode our deficits by trillions or benefit the wealthy over the working and middle class. It doesn’t punish working families with steeper health insurance cost or punish people from certain regions of the country. And it doesn’t leave families with massive uncertainty a few years down the road.

    “Our country is in dire need of a modern tax code, and New Democrats would support a bill that, if pursued in a bipartisan, open matter, helps us achieve true comprehensive tax reform. The New Democrat Coalition has continued to offer to work with House Republicans on a truly bipartisan tax reform plan and urged the Conference Committee to abandon their partisan approach. We are disappointed in our Republican colleagues for ramming through this shortsighted and careless bill, and pledge to our constituents to keep fighting for sensible fair tax policy on their behalf.”

    This statement is supported by New Democrat Coalition Chair Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04) and New Democrat Coalition Tax-Reform Co-Chairs and New Democrats on Ways & Means Reps. Ron Kind (WI-03), Terri Sewell (AL-07), Suzan DelBene (WA-01), Don Beyer (VA-8), and Brad Schneider (IL-10).

  • Governor McAuliffe’s PAC Announces $150,000 Investment in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Voter Protection Program

    Investment Will Fund DPVA’s Program to Protect Every Virginians’ Fundamental Right to Vote

    Richmond, Va. — Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee, Common Good VA, announced that it has invested $150,000 in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s (DPVA) voter protection program. The landmark donation will go towards the DPVA’s efforts to fully protect and enforce the fundamental right to vote for all eligible Americans — and defend the McAuliffe administration’s historic work to expand the voting rights of all Virginians.

    “When it comes to voting rights, Gov. McAuliffe is a visionary who has fearlessly worked to reverse nearly a century of voter disenfranchisement in Virginia,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “This investment will provide the Democratic Party of Virginia with the resources to defend Gov. McAuliffe’s legacy on voting rights — and ensure every Virginian can participate in our democracy.”

    The $150,000 investment will help support full-time staff dedicated to voter protection and fund efforts to monitor developments in election law, increase access to voting and provide guidance on voting rights and election administration issues. The donations will also be used to defeat any legislative or political effort at the state, local or federal level that strips Virginians of the right to vote.

  • True Blue

    Thanks Mark Warner for speaking on the floor just now about Mueller and if he’s fired, it would constitute “crossing a red line.”