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And Then There Were 3? 4? 5? Democrats Running in VA-02 Against Rep. Scott Taylor (R)


With “retired Navy Commander and small business owner” Elaine Luria (D) launching her campaign for Virginia’s Second Congressional District as I write this, the number of Democrats vying to take on first-term Rep. Scott Taylor (R) is growing. So far, by my count, the following Democrats have either declared or are expected to declare shortly in VA-02. As far as I’m concerned, the candidate best able to defeat Taylor should get the nomination. We’ll see over the next few months who that Democrat might be.

Elaine Luria: A 20-year Navy veteran, “I am running for Congress to fight for the families of Hampton Roads.  The core values of Security, Equality, and Prosperity will serve as my compass in representing the people of Virginia’s 2nd District.” Note that Luria is being endorsed today by State Sen. Lynwood Lewis and former VA-02 Democratic candidate Dave Belote.

Karen Mallard: “As a public school teacher Karen Mallard has spent her entire adult life fighting for Virginia’s children and now she’s ready to bring that tenacity and devotion to public service to Congress by repealing and replacing Republican incumbent Scott Taylor in Virginia’s 2nd congressional district.” For more on Karen Mallard from a supporter, see here.

Gary Hubbard: “Garry is a long-time small business owner, here in the Hampton Roads area.  For over 31 years he ran Hubbard Brothers Construction, at times employing more then 70 employees.  Born in the coal mines of Kentucky, Garry learned at an early age the meaning of hard work.”

Shaun Brown (I’m not 100% sure she’s still in the race following this news; also see that her website is down): “Shaun Brown is an economist, management consultant, small business owner and a champion for voters in Virginia who are tired of politics as usual.”

David Nygaard (rumored to be getting in the race soon): “David Nygaard Fine Jewelers is the premier custom design full service jeweler in Virginia Beach…In 2006, David was named the Virginia Business of the Year after successfully expanding his business from one to seven stores in just four years.” UPDATE: Looks like I was given bad info on this guy, as he was a prominent Cooch supporter in 2013! So much for him.  UPDATE #2: Believe it or not…WTF? (“Jeweler David Nygaard announced that Friday he will be filing the paperwork to officially launch his candidacy for the Democratic nomination against Rep. Scott Taylor for Virginia’s 2nd District seat.”)


  • Luria press release:

    Elaine Luria, Small Business Owner and 20-Year Navy Veteran, Launches Run for Congress

    VIRGINIA BEACH – Today, surrounded by friends and supporters at her Virginia Beach family business, retired Navy Commander Elaine Luria announced her campaign for Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

    Elaine retired from the Navy last year following a 20-year career that included six deployments to the Middle East and the Western Pacific and command of an assault craft unit. Elaine built Mermaid Factory from a block of clay into a successful local business that has two locations in Hampton Roads.

    Today, Elaine spoke about bringing her record of military leadership and her experience as a small business owner to Congress to ensure security, equality, and prosperity for people in Hampton Roads.

    “I led my Navy command and run my small business on the simple philosophy of ‘Be good. Do good work,’” said Elaine Luria. “That’s what most Americans wake up in the morning and try to do. Because in America if you work hard and play by the rules, you expect that you and your family will have an opportunity to succeed. But today, too many Americans are working hard and getting less. That’s because politicians in Washington aren’t looking out for them.”

    Elaine continued, “I am running for Congress because we desperately need leaders in Washington who will ‘Be Good. Do Good Work’ to create solutions that serve all Americans, instead of partisan politicians whose bickering yields little for the hardworking families of our Commonwealth.”

    Elaine was introduced at her launch by State Senator Lynnwood Lewis, local leader and veteran Dave Belote, and Arielle Griffin, a former Naval officer, who served under Elaine on a guided missile cruiser.

    Read more about Elaine here: http://www.elaineforcongress.com/meetelaine

    Virginia’s Second Congressional District includes all of Accomack and Northampton Counties and the City of Virginia Beach, as well as parts of Norfolk, Hampton and James City County. The district supported Governor-elect Ralph Northam by 4 percentage points last November and is rated as Lean Republican by non-partisan election forecasters at Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, making it one of the most likely seats to flip in 2018.

  • Rich Webb

    Received an interesting robocall today asserting that Elaine Luria voted in the Republican primary in 2016, mentioned that either candidate (Randy Forbes and Scott Taylor) she could have voted for in that primary supported “building a wall,” “repeal and replace Obamacare,” and confirmation of “pro-life Federal judges.”

    The call ended with “As Democrats, can you really trust Elaine Luria to stand up for your values?”

    The call was paid for by SCRAP (State Conservative Reform Action PAC) out of Reedville, VA. According to their web site, SCRAP presently supports one candidate in each of Missouri, Arizona, and Virginia. Their Virginia candidate is Scott Tayor, VA-02.

    Starting early this year.