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Sunday News: Bill Murray as Steve Bannon on SNL; “Wrong Button” in Hawaii; “Metro’s make-or-break time has come”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 14.

  • Jim Portugul

    You got to be drinking kool-air to believe this was just some type of “accident”. What did the Pentagon really see that led them throw the alarm in Hawaii? If there is a missile launch from N Korea, Hawaiians have maybe 20 minutes to dig their own graves, or, perhaps tell God they didn’t really mean to do it, or they did it because everybody else was doing it. 20 minutes, boom. There is not time to have multiple decision makers involved in pushing a button. This is on Trump.

    If this alarm were an accident, why did it take 38 minutes to give the all clear? Hawaii does not have incoming missile detection capability, that falls on the Federal government, not the state. Its all another Trump lie. There is also the possibility that this was a stunt by Trump to justify eventual military action with N Korea after the Olymipics.

    This whole deal is the result of republican led aggression in the world starting with the failed Bush 43’ administration which led to our totally stupid invasion of Iraq. Invasion we were told was necessary due to Iraq having WMD’s. Nothing but another republican lie, just like the “accidental” alarm in Hawaii. China and Russia have given N Korea the technology for the bomb to stop republican US led aggression.

    You can bet your asses that Israel knew exactly what weapons Iraq had then, and so did the US. Iraq was overthrown because Israel wanted it overthrown for their own security, not ours.

    It’s all about Israel, special interests, and Wall St. money. Oh, and the US defense industry lobby with their checkbooks.

    N Korea will never, never, never, give up their nuclear weapons. The US simply cannot be trusted. Get used to more alarms, and more Trump lies.

  • OrangeDem

    I thought the Washington Post story about Northam’s inauguration was pitiful even by their low standards for Commonwealth political coverage. Inexplicably decided to use multiple paragraphs to regurgitate GOP complaints about McAulliffe.