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Video: And After All That, Random Drawing Says…Del. David Yancey and Speaker Kirk Cox. Barf. [UPDATE: Shelly Simonds Comments]


And if anyone thinks Republicans will treat Democrats fairly, whether in terms of committee assignments or whatever, they are cockeyed optimists.  Same thing for anyone who seriously thinks Republicans will pay a political price at the polls for their behavior; for anyone who believes they will, I simply refer you to how Republicans fared in 2010 (massive gains) and 2014 (ditto) and 2016 (the White House), despite their disgraceful behavior in Congress and toward President Obama more broadly. In short, despite gaining 15 seats, plus HD-94 which should have gone to Shelly Simonds almost any way you look at it, plus possibly HD-28 (that election was totally messed up), we appear to be f’ed. Grrrrrr.

P.S. My understanding is that all legal options are on the table for Democrats, stay tuned…

UPDATE: Shelly Simonds speaks to the press following the drawing.

  • A_Siegel

    For framing, shouldn’t leave out of discussions a painful reality: like how Trump ended up in Oval Office, the Virginia GOP has — dependent on Simonds’ legal actions/results from them & the very long shot w/HD-28 — a majority in the House of Representatives even though its candidates did not win the popular vote — in fact, Republican House candidates garnered 10 percent less of the electorate than the Democratic Party candidates. (53.2% D; 43.8% R: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_House_of_Delegates_election,_2017#Overall) Virginia’s gerrymandering is not as bad as South Carolina’s or Wisconsin’s, but the Virginia GOP has done real damage to the quality of and ‘one-man one-vote’ ideals for Virginia elections.

    • William Wadsworth

      And the Senate lines were drawn to elect Democrats. Your argument falls flat.

      • A_Siegel

        1. I opposed the ‘deal’ re gerrymandering — re Senate & House — when it occurred It was anti-democratic and the very style of ‘protect’ incumbents that ‘we’ (any one concerned about actual Democracy) should find quite troubling, if not outright opposed.
        2. And, well, in a partisan way, I thought it a stupid gamble and that thought proved correct as the Senate Ds were ‘incompetent’ (unsuccessful) in their protect incumbents’ efforts — doesn’t excuse this away (see point 1), but a simple historical fact.
        3. Would you sign on to non-partisan/expert ‘commission’ for handling drawing districts? (Note: considering that, at this time, Ds have a strong chance of ‘controlling’ the legislature (in addition to the Governor’s mansion), this seems a pretty smart bet for Virginia GOP to reduce the ‘losses’ that will occur through the next districting process.)

      • Kenneth Ferland

        Did the democrats get more seats then their proportion of the vote? If not your description of how the seats were drawn is wrong. Show me some data that backs up your claim.

  • sjberke1

    Best Democrats can hope for at this point is to retain enough of 2017’s energy and organization to get House and Senate majorities in 2019; if not, to undo the post-2010 gerrymander after the 2020 Census (which will be a mess itself, but that’s another story) with the help of Governor Northam’s veto pen.

    • Yeah, I think that’s probably about right.

  • Jim Portugul

    Really, the only feasible way to stop the republican limbaugh/trump cancer from spreading is to stop buying their advertisers products. It is no secret that rich republicans are buying up media outlets, financing blogs, etc., in order to corrupt the news process. My advice is to compile lists of any corporate advertisers who advertise on the trump television network, right wing hate radio, etc.. Stopping limbaugh/fox is the key. Just stop buying their advertisers products. It’s so easy.

    The most important things to a republican are not God, family, nor country. Things that “real life” human beings cherish. No, the most important thing to republicans is their money. They can never have enough money.

    So, make the products advertised on republican media radioactive. They will get the message real fast. It’s the only way to cure the malignant republican cancer. Take their money.

    We need a major and sustained push to stop financing our own destruction by supporting crooked republican media. We finance our own destruction when we purchase from advertisers who support republican media. Think about it. No violence or crime is necessary to cure the republican cancer.

    Stop the republicans! Buy blue!