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Video: Another Appalling Display by Sen. Mark ObenSHAME’s Courts of INjustice Committee, This Time on Background Checks


The following video, from yesterday’s Senate Courts of (In)Justice hearing/vote on gun background check legislation, is highly revealing about where today’s Republican Party’s heads are at. Check out the logical, fact-based, passionate arguments for universal background checks on gun purchases, which 90% of Virginians (including Republicans) support. Then check out the “arguments” against, by the usual suspects such as the NRA and this John Lott character (“all but excommunicated from academia” for his many ethical lapses), who ObenSHAME actually cited as an authority (!) on the subject and encouraged people to look up. It’s almost beyond parody, but sad to say, it’s all too real…and of course Republicans on the (In)Justice Commitee, in a party-line vote, rejected this commonsense, extremely popular measure to simply perform background checks on potential purchasers of firearms. Again, we have a LOT of work to do in 2019!

  • RobertColgan

    If I were a Republican legislator I wouldn’t want a background check before I could purchase a gun, or anything else. God knows what they might find. . . . . .

    More seriously, listening to the arguments of those who oppose background checks makes it sound as though the omnipresent scenario is that your name is ALSO the name of a known criminal, probably an international terrorist, and it immediately will stop you from purchasing that firearm that is going to make your life safe, if not complete.

    (That’s about as serious as I can get on this———-those legislators have NO conscience, NO ethics more socially conscious than the endorsement of consumerism and the “free” marketplace—–the number of mass shootings, suicides, and homicides from gunfire in the USA doesn’t bother them one bit and doesn’t cloud their thinking at all)