Home 2018 Elections Video: Democratic Candidates Speak to VA-01 Progressives (1/27/18)

Video: Democratic Candidates Speak to VA-01 Progressives (1/27/18)


Meet your 2018 Democratic candidates for the nomination in VA-01 to face Rep. Rob Wittman (R) this fall. The candidates spoke on Saturday (1/27/18) at the VA CD1 Progressive Conference; candidates introduced by Cori Johnson.

John Suddarth

Vangie Williams

Ryan Sawyers

Edwin Santana part 1

Edwin Santana part 2

  • old_redneck

    I’m a VA-01 FDR New Deal Democrat. Suddarth or Santana. Sawyers is a disaster because of his record with PWC School Board. Williams is not ready for prime time.

    Wittman consistently wins 60-40, as do all Republicans in VA-01. We have a lot of work to do.

  • RobertColgan

    Wow. Some excellent, qualified candidates wearing the Big D.
    I would vote for any of these people. . . .but I’m not in 01.

    Hopefully the trend toward pruning out the junk wood taking up valuable space in the forest that can be better used by strong new vital growth will continue to expand exponentially into the ’18 Fall elections here and in other States.
    With candidates like these, all that’s needed once the final nominee has been selected is some genuine debate actually LISTENED TO by the voters…….too many of whom simply robotically pull for the one with the “R” behind the name.