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Video: Ralph Northam Lays Out Strong, Progressive Agenda for Virginia; Republicans Sit On Their…Er, Hands


Excellent address this evening by Governor Ralph Northam to the 2018 Joint General Assembly (see below for video). What I found particularly striking was how, as Northam laid out progressive policy after progressive policy – Medicaid expansion, universal gun background checks, action on climate change (or even that it’s real!) and creating a clean energy economy, defending and expanding women’s access to reproductive health services, fighting discrimination of any kind, making it (much) easier to vote, helping create a level playing field by enhancing educational opportunities for all Virginians, raising the felony threshold, etc., etc. – Democrats (a diverse group, making up about half the chamber after last November’s amazing election night) stood and cheered, while Republicans (basically a bunch of older white males, making up the other/shrinking half of the chamber) sat on their…er, hands. It presented a stark, clear contrast, one that all Virginia voters should take into account the next time they have an opportunity to vote for (or against) these people.

I also found it striking that Gov. Northam – despite his repeated, stated preference for bipartisanship – directly called out Republicans for voting on partisan lines this morning to reject a bunch of legislation on guns and other issues. I hope to hear a lot more of that, especially given the fact that Republicans apparently have no intention of working with Democrats on anything, or on helping move Virginia forward. If they don’t, that’s their choice, but they all should have to answer for it in 2019.

  • DPVA Chairwoman Praises Governor Northam’s “Way Forward” after Governor’s Address to Joint General Assembly

    Richmond, Va. — Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement praising Governor Ralph Northam for the agenda he outlined in his address to a joint meeting of the Virginia General Assembly:

    “In his singularly humble and welcoming Eastern Shore vernacular, Governor Northam laid out a way ahead for Virginia that will take the Commonwealth above the noise and rancor of partisan politics and achieve results that improve people’s lives. Governor Northam made clear his commitment to, among other items: expand Medicaid so 400,000 Virginians who lack coverage have access to healthcare, tackle the teacher shortage crisis, lower Virginia’s outrageously low felony threshold, protect the right of women to make their own healthcare decisions, and continue the fight to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. I could not be prouder of our Governor’s focus and vigor to fight for common sense solutions that will make our Commonwealth safer and stronger.”

  • House Dems Statement on Governor Northam’s Joint Address

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring tonight issued the following statement following the governor’s joint address to the General Assembly:

    “We were honored to welcome Governor Northam to the chamber tonight and are ever-inspired by his steadfast commitment to improving the lives of all Virginians, no matter who you are or where you’re from. We were particularly moved by the governor’s call for transparency, which we hope our colleagues across the aisle will heed. In order to do the most good for the most Virginians, we need to be open and honest about how we do business here in Richmond. We look forward to working with the governor to build a more accountable government that puts the citizens we serve above all else.”

  • Video: Virginia Republican “blah blah” b.s. response. Note that Glen Sturtevant is in a district Ralph Northam 58%-41% this past November. He must go in 2019.


  • Paul Jameson

    After the election, I heard a number of Democratic delegates say things to the effect that now the Republicans will feel that they have to work with us. I responded that if they are 51-49, Republicans will act as if they have a super-majority, and if they are 50-50, they will do everything they can to act as if they have a super-majority.

    They’re just going to have to be actually beaten in 2019, and then we’ll see how they like having two Republicans on a ten-person Rules Committee.

    • Bingo. Why anyone would think the Republican leopard would change its spots all of a sudden…I have no idea why they would think that.

      • Glen Bayless

        My son in law (Maryland) has told me that he thinks Dems will act exactly as Repubs have if we gain a majority. What is an argument that we should do exactly that? I have an idealistic streak that tells me we should do what is right for all Virginians, but where is the compromise position?