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Video: Sen. Mamie Locke Emotionally, Courageously Reveals She Was an Incest Victim, Rips GOP Male Colleagues – Who Then Proceed to Reject Rape/Incest Abortion Bill. Grrrr.


See below for video from this morning of yet MORE awfulness from Virginia Senate Republicans, this time telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. The bill being discussed is SB292, by Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D), which “[c]larifies that when a woman who qualifies for state medical assistance reports to a public health agency that her pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, the Board of Health is required to fund an abortion without requiring any report of such rape or incest to law enforcement.

In the following exchange, anti-abortion extremist and anti-LGBT bigot Sen. Dick Black (faaaaar-right R) responds to Sen. McClellan’s presentation by frothing at the mouth about her bill supposedly “open[ing] the floodgate for state funding of abortion” and supposedly “invit[ing] fraud in using state funds in order to fund elective abortions.” Seriously. The right-wing wacko actually said that shit.

Sen. Mamie Locke (D) follows, rightfully “applauding Sen. McClellan for bringing forth this legislation” and then adds, emotionally: “I think that I’m probably the only person sitting up here who’s been a victim of incest.” Sen. Locke continues that “women coming forward now is very very important, and I don’t think this opens the floodgates to anything other than women ending their victimization and being allowed to end that victimization.” Sen. Locke concludes, with 100% justifiable emotion:

I think that to simply say that women are going to come up and say ‘oh oh give me an abortion’ to easy their way out of an unwanted pregnancy is foolhardy…I’m just upset at the fact that people think that way and feel that way about us as women and that we would deliberately do that. That’s why women have been silent for so long and have not voiced that they have been raped and sexually assaulted or have been victims of incest because of…some of the thinking that I’ve heard here.”

The Republican-controlled committee then proceeds to reject Sen. McClellan’s bill on a party-line vote, with the all-male-but-one Republicans voting “no” as a block, and the Democrats all voting yes. Grrrr. Again, let’s all be ready for 2019, when we throw out as many of these cretins from office as possible. In the meantime…ugh, we really have to listen to this CRAP???

P.S. These Democratic women, particularly Sen. Mamie Locke, are my heroes!

  • Harry

    Black won’t be around for the 2020 session

    • It’s a permanent disgrace on the people who voted for him that this lunatic/extremist/bigot was ever elected in the first place.

  • RobertColgan


    In 1984’s authoritarian dystopia, writer Eric Blair showed how consciousness is formed by language….how language configures and alters the capacity for thought formation.

    Straitjacketing ideation into narrow alleys refutes all other thoughts as “incorrect,” unacceptable,” or “treasonous” even when those opposing thoughts are grounded in reality, valid, and beneficial.

    The Republicans wear the same constrictive blinders in their closed-minded assessments of women’s issues, race issues, poverty issues, health issues, parenting issues, housing issues, food issues ——- all social issues:
    for them, it is ALWAYS about
    1) maintaining control on women and minorities
    2) keeping profits intact for profiteers whatever the social penalties
    3) thwarting social progress to keep power intact for those who “deserve” to have it:
    the wealthy, the white, mostly the males.

    Seen through their compressed and constricted vision anything which attempts to perturb 1,2,3 is construed as threat/enemy:
    ►Their obstinacy, their obstructionism that we saw most markedly for the 8 years of Obama was clearly that Obama’s entire Presidency was violation of #1,2,3.
    ►Letting women have more say over their lives? over their reproductive systems, their own genitalia, their ability to own their own bodies? (distinct violation of #1)
    ►Creating a SinglePayer system of healthcare access such as MedicareForAll?
    (distinct violation of #2)
    ►Shifting the budget from military to peace, including underwriting education all the way to doctorates? (distinct violation of #2,3)
    ►Acknowledging the need to shift from a fossilfueled energy system to one non-polluting and freely accessible such as solar and wind? (violation of #2)
    And so on.

    Their world view hears what it hears, sees what it sees, thinks what it thinks based on those three tenets of “conservatism:”
    to squash all challenge to keeping control in the hands of white males intent on profits.

  • A Singh

    I am sorry but law enforcement should be informed of a rape or incest occuring, it is pretty messed up, that while abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest, that law enforcement is not automatically notified. The Democrats, have shown themselves to be just as loony as the GOP, with them threatening to deny hospital funding to SW VA, in order to support their version of medicaid expansion, I support expansion just not the procedure in which the Senate Dems did their little trick.