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Video: Senate Republicans Vote to Keep Virginia as One of 21 States Where Adultery Remains Illegal


Another day of Republican idiocy in the Virginia General Assembly. See below for Exhibit A, as in “adultery” (specifically, Republicans – with the exception of Sen. William Stanley – voting to keep Virginia as one of 21 states where adultery remains illegal). By the way, note that even the freaking FAMILY FOUNDATION (!) supported Sen. Scott Surovell’s bill that would have “[reduced] the penalty for adultery from a Class 4 misdemeanor to a civil penalty of not more than $250.”  But noooo…not most Republican Senators on the Senate Courts of (In)Justice Committee. Ugh.

  • Harry


  • A_Siegel

    Okay, let’s make this clear, according to the Virginia GOP, another one of the Articles of Impeachment for Donald Trump should be a Misdemeanor of Adultery?


  • RobertColgan

    Stands to reason.
    Those that do don’t legislate against but those who say they don’t legislate against because….why, if we didn’t that would be akin to admission of guilt, wouldn’t it?

    But legislating the morality of wrongdoing in office, or using campaign funds inappropriately, or rewarding donors with favoring legislation, or telling lies about the reason for legislation, or fabricating stories about campaign rivals———-or any such attempt to rein in political criminality . . . .nope. Not gonna do it. No way. Never. No.