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Saturday News: “Mueller’s Indictment Ends Trump’s Myth of the Russia Hoax'”; You can do something about guns. In the voting booth.”; “$58 million Atlantic Coast Pipeline mitigation agreement draws fire”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, February 17.

  • Quizzical

    One of the things that made me most angry after Trump’s election was hearing that Facebook had been really important to the Trump campaign, and I then visited The Trump campaign’s Facebook page and saw all the lies about Hillary posted there, such as that she had committed treason. Of course I assumed that the Trump campaign or his voters had posted all that crap, and even now, having confirmation of the heavy activity of Russian trolls on Facebook, I’m still angry about it and not inclined to forgive and forget the Trump campaign or Trump supporters. I haven’t heard or read a single Trump supporter repudiating any of it.

    That’s the secondary achievement of the Russian disinformation campaign – dividing us.

    • It’s quite possible that, in the end, Facebook will turn out to have been one of the most harmful developments of the past decade or so.

      • Jim B

        Reading the Russian “key allegations” in the Post this morning sounds exactly like the republicans playbook except it was not illegal for them.

        • Jim B

          Another thing, Wouldn’t the Obama Admin. have known some of the stuff in 2014 the indictment lays out, especially the minute details? If they didn’t the special prosecuter had to do a lot of digging.