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Video: VA GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Holds Bizarre Presser, Rips “Toilet Paper Republicans,” Adds “I feel sorry for their wives, they’re soft and pathetic.”


Even by the low, low “standards” of Corey Stewart, a leading candidate for the Virginia Republicans’ 2018 U.S. Senate nomination, and the Virginia GOP, this is pathetic and embarrassing (see video below). According to neo-Confederate Corey, who just held a bizarre press conference outside the Virginia General Assembly building, any Virginia Republican who supports Medicaid expansion is “flaccid,” “soft,” “weak,” “pathetic” and “useless.”

Furthermore, Stewart says “these are toilet paper Republicans – just as soft, just as weak, just as pathetic, just as flimsy…toilet paper Republicans…a bunch of garbage.” Stewart adds that “for any Republican who has betrayed their constituents, who has betrayed their word to Virginians, I’m coming after them in 2019…we’re going to remove every single pathetic, flaccid Republican who votes for Obamacare expansion.” Asked by a reporter about whether his use of the word “flaccid” was intended to be sexually suggestive, Stewart responds, with comic timing,  “I’m suggesting I feel sorry for their wives, they’re soft and pathetic.” Someone else remarks, “I don’t think you’re going to have any friends left,” and Stewart concludes his bizarre presser saying, “I don’t have right now up there, I’ll tell you.”

Yes, that’s today’s Virginia GOP for you. Suggestion: vote Democratic in November, up and down the ballot, and never vote Republican again.

  • Harry

    Stewart’s rag tag group of supporters (white supremacists, neo-nazis and pedophiles) loved his looney tune speech. I used to think Stewart was asute, too many martinis at Ruby Tuesdays?

    • A lot of heavy drinking over the years would certainly help explain the apparent decline in his cognitive functioning. Heh.

  • Quizzical

    Never interfere with an enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake.

  • dave schutz

    My free advice to the Kaine campaign is: get ready to run against Freitas.

    • Any particular reason you think Freitas will beat Corey Stewart? I’d still say Corey’s the favorite.

      • dave schutz

        Let me start by saying I live in Arlington, which means I barely know any Reeps. But it looks to me as though Stewart is following his usual pattern of sneering at and insulting people, and that this time the group he has chosen as his target is: other Reeps. I don’t see why they would be forgiving, when a more standard-issue Reep is available in Freitas. Additionally, and this is ironic in view of the fact that Freitas is a backer of ranked choice voting, it seems at least possible that Stewart and Rev. Jackson will split the nutball vote and give Freitas the victory.
        Remember that in this last primary, Wagner and Gilmore together got almost 60 per cent of the Reep vote, and this was against Stewart, allowing Gilmore to get the nomination with well under fifty per cent.
        So: I am not very confident here, but I think it’s prudent for Kaine to get ready for Freitas. I also think Freitas may pose more of a challenge, as a less, shall we say, ‘foam-at-the-mouth’ candidate.

        • Since you didn’t mention him, I take it you don’t think Bert Mizusawa will be a factor in this primary?

          • dave schutz

            If he is, he will be competing with Freitas for the non-nutball vote, and would make my thesis less likely.

          • He’s definitely running.

  • RobertColgan

    He sounds nice.

    In a Wayne LaPierre sort of way. . . . . .

    And, he’s passionate about toilet paper.

    There’s a lot to recommend here, obviously.