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Audio: Nick Freitas Warns Corey Stewart to Watch Out, He’s Going to Hit Back Hard


Fresh off his angry, incoherent tirade last Friday on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates, Nick Freitas (R-NRA) is apparently feeling feisty these days. On Monday, Freitas warned his Republican rival, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, essentially to watch out – or else. Asked by a listener how, if Freitas wins the VA GOP U.S. Senate primary, he plans to get Corey Stewart voters to vote for him instead of staying home like they did for Ed Gillespie. Freitas’ response (clearly referring to Corey): “I don’t have some of the baggage that is commonly associated with people running for office that have been in this business for decades.” Ooooh…them there’s fightin’ words! LOL

Freitas proceeded to diss Corey’s “surprisingly small” poll numbers, especially given that Corey has been “running for a long time now.” Ouch. Freitas also bragged about his endorsements and fundraising, while raising the specter of Corey’s staff having attacked him. Check this out by Freitas:

It has been VERY disappointing to see some of the comments that have been made by very close supporters and paid staff of Corey Stewart, some things that are deliberate lies. I’ve had people question my heritage. I’ve had people question my military service…If Corey’s people are going to continue to do some of the things they have, including his paid staffers, well then we may have a different race on our hands. I don’t want it to be that way, I sincerely do not. But I am NOT going to stand by and watch him come after my character or my integrity. I hold those things very dear. And as I tell people, I’m a man before I’m a politician. And if there’s certain things that you attack, prepare to get attacked back. I don’t want it to be that way, but again, I’m not going to  sit there and just take an onslaught of false accusations and character assassination…I’ll tell you this much, again I understand we’re all Republicans here, and again I want it to be a clean race, but I’ll tell you this much: when that poll comes out that does show me right there on part or ahead of Corey Stewart if he decides that his own only course of action is to come after me, what he’s going to be coming after is something he’s never done before. And I think it would be wise of him to consider that.

Wow. So is the 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate race about to turn super-nasty? Will Nick Freitas let Corey Stewart pummel him or will he hit back?  All I can say is, this Republican primary is going to be a ton of fun. Popcorn time! 🙂

  • RobertColgan

    Popcorn time?
    Let’s just not forget the barf bags . . . . . for the sudden unexpected disgust.

  • me

    lokwell: “… angry, incoherent tirade last Friday.” What?! He couldn’t have been more clear about how crucial the right to defend oneself is and if the Parkland shooting didn’t convince you of that with government failing at every level then nothing will. Or how about the FACT that it was RACIST DEMOCRATS that voted for Jim Crow segregation laws? It was RACIST DEMOCRATS that created the terrorist arm of the dem party called the KKK. It was RACIST progressives/DEMOCRATS that instituted marriage license laws so whites wouldn’t breed with blacks. It was RACIST progressives/DEMOCRATS that advocated eugenics to kill blacks because they believed blacks were an “inferior race.” It was RACIST DEMOCRATS that created LBJ’s Great Society that has destroyed generations of black families (who statistically had more stable marriages than whites prior to that) in order to create a dependent under class that would keep voting for them. You RACIST DEMOCRATS are on the wrong side of history and you have no arguments. It’s only a matter of time before your fascist anti-free speech and racist BS collapses. Actually, it’s happening now…

  • dave schutz

    Well, Corey Stewart is certainly doing his level damn best to ensure that those Republicans who feel some loyalty to the elected members of the party take a favorable look at Freitas. I mean, I live in Arlington, I barely know any Reeps, but this seems like a guy who is not trying to unite his party behind him.