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How the NRA, Hard Right View the #MarchforOurLives


Just a small sampling from the fever swamps of the NRA and the far right in this country. This is what the vast majority of Americans are up against.

(Proceeds to say: “Our reluctance to bitch-slap you sideways was before you embraced your role as gun-grabbing, activist puppet. A position you gladly took. Everytown lubricated their hand, and you bent over, smiling as you spread your cheeks. It’s a metaphor overly-triggered people, chill out.” Yes, these people have serious “issues” with sexuality, among many other things)

  • old_redneck

    First they laugh at you.
    Then they mock you.
    Then they attack you.
    Then you win.

  • RobertColgan

    Guns = Profit$ . . . . .not Patriotism.
    For those who ascribe sanctity to a misconstrued 2nd Amendment (“well regulated militia”???) and their b-assackward, skewed, twisted, fear-driven warped logic it’s the other way around:
    Patriotism = Guns and Profit$. (“It’s all good! We’re all winners!”)

    The loss of lives isn’t a huge consideration for these fine folks. “Collateral damage…part of life.”

    Like all things holy in a capitalistic culture, the only solution is to remove the profit margin if it’s to change. Either it has to be TOO expensive to purchase/own certain firearms, or TOO costly for the manufacturers/sellers/merchandisers implicated in lawsuits for wrongful death that they no longer want the risk.
    Take away the profits and weapons manufacturers will turn to other items.

  • James McCarthy

    The louder they roar; the more vituperative they become—they are scared. Too bad these youths do not yet have the vote. Perhaps that would send the radical right over the cliff. Riffing off the Viet Nam slogan: if they’re old enough to die, they’re old enough to vote.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Where does one apply for the grants (funding) from ubiquitous but as yet unidentified far left wing groups with all the cash? There may be a clue in the fact that the New England Patriots owner sent the team plane to Florida to transport these troublemakers. Notice the doublespeak and illegal use of the term “Patriot” which is actually trademarked by the Tea Party. If those at Fox News have that answer, they are not sharing it probably out of fear of the proliferation of free speech. It is reassuring to know that the members of the left constitute that top 1% getting the greatest benefit of the “middle class tax cuts.”