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Monday News: Trump “The Un-American President”; “Firing McCabe Is Just the Start”; “Facebook Under Fire on Two Continents Over Data Misuse”;


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, March 19.

  • Roger Miller

    If you are on Facebook, you are being played by Zuck and Cheryl. Hope you enjoyed it.

  • Quizzical

    Facebook founder under fire

    To do list to migrate out of Facebook:
    1. Set up a secure forum elsewhere for your family and friends, with secure photo storage.
    2. Migrate your Facebook photos and videos to new home
    3. Invite family and friends to new digital home
    4. Purge most information and photos from Facebook account, and reset privacy settings to high
    5. Don’t delete your Facebook account just in case you decide to push back on Facebook next election cycle.

  • Quizzical
  • Quizzical

    Another thought about Facebook. Facebooks data may not have technically had a breach yet, as they have argued. Foreign intelligence agencies may not have seen the benefits of hacking into and stealing Facebook data before.

    Now Facebook is definitely going to be a target.

  • Jim B

    Most presidents in the past have basically tried to do good for the country. Of course the results may have not turned out as they have wished, but our idiot in chief has done the opposite and as he learned the power of the presidency he is in the process of destroying the country with the help of the republican party. What can be done? The democratic party doesn’t seem to have the answer.

  • RobertColgan

    Thoughtful attack article on the Democratic Party by Flowers and Zeese—-and they are correct, the Dems are turning their backs on Progressivism at the Fed level even when some of the State gov’ts are making some inroads toward progressive, Commons, goals: