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Photos, Video: #MarchforOurLives in Virginia, DC


Here are a bunch of photos and video from today’s #MarchforOurLives events in Virginia and DC. I’ll keep adding more as I see them. As for the most assinine, clueless tweet I’ve seen so far today, that comes from Virginia GOP U.S. Senate candidate Nick Freitas, who tweeted, “Instead of marching to infringe on Second Amendment rights or rallying against the First Amendment which protects our freedoms of expression, let’s talk solutions.”

  • old_redneck

    We used to sing this in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma . . . time to sing it again. Everywhere.

    Crank up the volume.


  • Video: Emma Gonzalez – “Six minutes and twenty seconds with an AR-15”


    • Esther Ferington

      Stunning minutes of silence. To be in the crowd was to hear a huge crowd of revved up protestors go essentially silent, waiting trustingly to hear from her, not fully understanding the silence in the moment, and in the palm of her hand. Some went into chants of Never Again, but then stopped when she did not respond. Others put up their hands in peace signs. It was utterly intense and silent, something I will always remember. I’m so sorry that she had to find these abilities, or that any of the kids who spoke from across the country have had to, for such a reason.

      • Well said. That was truly amazing.

  • Video: Cameron Kasky says “welcome to the revolution” – “a powerful and peaceful one because it is of, by and for the young people of this country.”


  • Video: David Hogg to politicians – “get your resumes ready”


  • Video: Parkland survivor Sam Fuentes overcome with emotion, vomits on stage


  • Video: MSD student Sarah Chadwick — “one life is worth more than all the guns in America”


  • MSD student Ryan Deitsch – “This is reality, this is real life, this is what’s happening in our country…today”


  • From the VA House Democratic Caucus:

    House Democrats Stand With Parkland Students in March For Our Lives Events Around the Commonwealth

    RICHMOND, VA – Today, Members of the House Democratic Caucus took part in the March For Our Lives events across Virginia. Americans across the nation marched in support of survivors of gun violence and demanded action from legislators.

    Delegates Schuyler Vanvalkenburg and Debra Rodman joined the march in Richmond. Rodman called out House Republican inaction on gun reform.

    “This year Democrats introduced 70 bills to address gun violence,” Rodman said . “Our efforts fell on deaf ears, but we will keep standing with our constituents and the vast majority of Virginians who are tired of the inaction.”

    Delegate Jay Jones participated in the Norfolk event. “It’s amazing that these young people in their time of mourning have started a movement.” Jones said. “Whether it’s seeing the atrocity of a mass shooting, or the everyday tragedies that barely make evening news, gun violence must be addressed, and these motivated citizens are championing the issue.”

    In Williamsburg Delegate Mike Mullin spoke at rally. “I stand today with students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens all across the country who are saying enough is enough.” Mullin, said. “We are marching for common sense gun reform in Virginia and in our country, we are marching for our lives and the lives of our children.”

    In Blacksburg, Delegate Chris Hurst spoke at an event organized by Virginia Tech students.

    “It is students and young people like you who will bring about the change we need” said Hurst. “The ground beneath us is shaking, you all have started a historic movement. Young people now are more inspired than they even been- seeing all you here today is a testament to the power you have.”

    Delegates Kathy Tran, Paul Krizek, Kathleen Murphy, Alfonso Lopez, and Rip Sullivan marched in Washington, DC.

    “People have come from across the country to say enough is enough, and we need action on gun safety,” Del. Tran said. “As Virginian legislators we have the responsibility to listen to our constituents and protect our communities. Too many lives have been lost, and we have to act now.”

    Democrats in the House and Senate introduced nearly 70 bills aimed at addressing gun reform this year. The Republican-controlled House approved none of them. The House Democratic Caucus’ efforts culminated in the creation of an initiative that will work towards comprehensive policy solutions on public safety, including gun reform.

    Organized by the students and their families following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida last month, the march had hundreds of thousands of participants in Virginia, and millions more nationwide.

  • Trevon Bosley – “Everyday shootings are everyday problems” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G7uHdnVi0M

  • Naomi Wadler: “People have said that I’m too young to have these thoughts on my own…not true”


  • Video: Patriot High School (Bristow, Virginia) students featured on PBS NewsHour tonight


  • From Del. Kathy Tran:

    Delegate Kathy Tran Joins Students Across Virginia and the Nation in DC at the March For Our Lives

    Springfield, VA – Today, Delegate Kathy Tran (D-Fairfax) joined thousands in Washington, DC at the March For Our Lives.

    “Today, I marched with my family, neighbors from the 42nd District, and students and families from across Virginia and the nation. We demand urgent action to address the epidemic of gun violence in our country,” Delegate Tran said. “We cannot become numb to mass shootings. Our children fear for their lives, and we must act now to pass common sense solutions. We cannot – and must not – fail our children.”

    During the 2018 legislative session, Republicans in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly stopped 70 pieces of legislation that would have addressed gun violence prevention in the Commonwealth.

    Delegate Tran is a member of the bicameral Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, formed after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to make progress in Virginia on commonsense solutions to address gun violence.


    Delegate Tran represents the 42nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates located in Fairfax County. She is the president of her local PTA where she volunteers her time to keep our public schools strong and our children’s futures bright. As Delegate, Kathy works to strengthen our public schools, prevent gun violence, honor our veterans and military families, expand access to affordable health care, stand up for women, protect our environment, and create a welcoming and inclusive community where all Virginians can thrive.

  • Quizzical

    Jaw dropping performance of the times they are a changing

  • Rees Shearer

    Over 200 marched and rallied in the snow in Abingdon, Virginia, this morning. This was a student-planned and led demonstration. One of the largest marches in modern Abingdon history, in the heart of 2nd Amendment-loving (AND 1st Amendment-loving) SWVA. Speeches begin at 9:45 in the video. https://www.facebook.com/YoungAppalachianPatriots/videos/1605111269609091/

    • Nice! I just added this to my post…thanks.

  • Video: The Sights and Sounds of Richmond’s March for Our Lives


  • Video: Delegate Mark Levine and Congressman Gerry Connolly Speaking at the March for Our Lives


  • This nails it on why Rob Wittman’s gotta go this November.