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Saturday News: Mueller, Stormy and “Emoluments”; Stephon Clark Shot 8 Times in the Back; Roseanne Promotes “Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, March 31.

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  • DCStrangler

    The cops were justified in shooting him. His spine was pointed at them causing them to fear for their lives.

  • Roger Miller

    How will it feel to vote in November’s election if you live in a blue district? You vote for Bobby/Gerry/Don/Don,(1) and Tim. Then what? Nothing has change in DC. Nothing flipped. Your kids still take part in active shooter drills in school and know the difference between a Hard Lockdown and a Soft Lockdown. You know somebody who has dropped their health insurance because it’s only a good deal if you also own stock in the insurance company. Living in a purple district is a big flipping deal, a blue district – not so much.

    (1) Our four current Democratic representatives are male, while the leading candidates in the four most flip-able districts are female.

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    Australians are studying head concussion injuries in contact sports

  • Prince William County Democratic Committee rips VA GOP’s “smear campaign…against the Democrats who flipped 15 seats in the House of Delegates last November”

    (Prince William County, VA, March 30, 2018) The Republican Party of Virginia has cranked up a smear campaign called the Extreme 15 against the Democrats who flipped 15 seats in the House of Delegates last November. The list includes all five first-term Delegates from Prince William County.

    It wasn’t enough for Speaker Cox and his fellow Republicans to actively obstruct legislation introduced by the newly-elected Delegates, now they are attacking the character of the very people the voters sent to Richmond to represent us. This just goes to show that when the RPV can’t sell its policy positions, it turns to personal attacks using value-laden language meant to incite fear and misunderstanding. Of the 15 targeted by the Republicans, 11 are women. This is nearly half of all women who serve in the House of Delegates. The war on women is alive and well in Virginia’s Republican Party.

    If the Republican Party of Virginia wants to have a policy debate, then let’s have that conversation. But if they want to attack people because of who they are, the voters have shown they want no part of what RPV is selling. No Republican incumbent got within 6 points of a Democratic challenger in Prince William County last year, and Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy won her race by over 26 percentage points.

    This latest stunt by the Republican Party of Virginia reeks of desperation and the voters will see right through it. The tide has turned here in Prince William County and the electorate chose people who truly represent them. We look forward to turning even more seats blue in the 2018 and 2019 elections and beyond.

    Don Shaw
    Prince William County Democratic Committee

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    New census question: how many and what kinds of guns in your household?