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Thursday News: “Stormy vs. POTUS”; “The Worst People”; Trade War Looms; Mueller Gathers Evidence on Kremlin-Trump “Back Channel”; VA Senate GOP Slams VA House GOP


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 7.

  • RobertColgan

    Kaine and Warner have joined with the GOP……succumbed to greed, maybe?

    This p.o.s legislation gives banks a free rein to take risk in lending……..the very thing that lead to the mortgage crisis and collapse of home values. Even though they added some protections for consumers, those pale in comparison to the much greater harm of removing regulatory oversight to the banking/lending industry.

    Sens KAINE, WARNER—–What are you thinking?!?


  • From AMP Creeks Council:

    Peaceful Protestors “Flood” Barry’s Hill Rd. to Oppose Dominion’s Proposed Compressor Station


    Date: March 8, 2018

    This morning, community members symbolically “flooded” Barry’s Hill Road, with a blue fabric stream, halting the clear-cutting of 13.3 acres of trees at the site of Dominion Energy Cove Point’s proposed Charles Station fracked gas compressor station early this morning.

    Their action spotlights one of the many reasons that, according to organizers, Dominion should not be allowed to build the compressor station, which would be a key pinch point between Pennsylvanian fracking fields and what is becoming a sprawling network of fracked gas infrastructure in Southern Maryland, including the Cove Point export terminal and several power plants.

    By beginning work on the project without final approval, “Dominion is thumbing its nose at Charles County’s Board of Appeals, which has not yet ruled on Dominion Energy’s application for a zoning special exception to build a compressor station on the Dominion Cove Point Pipeline,” said Kelly Canavan of Accokeek and president of the AMP Creeks Council. Community members who organized the action point out that the next Charles County Board of Appeals hearing is on March 13, and that local and state processes should be allowed to unfold before irreparable harm is done to the forest on Barry’s Hill Road by premature.

    Although the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the “Charles Station” project, at least two levels of permission remain to be secured. For example, the FERC approval cannot override the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), should MDE decide to deny the air quality permit for the project. Moreover, MDE cannot deny or grant the permit if the Charles County Board of Appeals rules against Dominion’s zoning special-exception application. That determination will not be made until the Board of Appeals hearing on March 13. MDE will hold its own public hearing to take oral and written testimony from the public on March 28 at the Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department at 6:30pm.

    Throughout the process, the neighboring community has overwhelmingly expressed outrage at the danger that a fracked gas compressor station would bring to the region. The fear of what could happen if a catastrophic event occurred has been brushed aside by Dominion, but residents remain worried. Opponents of the project have packed six Board of Appeals hearings so far. Protestants are being represented by counsel at the local, state, and federal levels, and have filed a Motion for Rehearing and to Reopen the Record with the FERC.

    Opponents point out that the proposed compressor station presents multiple hazards. If emergency responders needed to access the site after a heavy rain, snow, or wind storm, it might be impossible to reach because of flooding, downed trees, or deep snow. Already in 2018 the road has flooded more than once, and trees and power lines have gone down near Dominion’s driveway.

    Additionally, while local first responders have the community’s deep respect, fighting fires is extremely difficult in rural areas without sources of water. Responders are not equipped to fight a fire of the magnitude that might occur at the compressor station if it is built.

    Residents are also worried about air pollution and the loss of a way of life they have treasured if this large-scale industrial project is allowed to proceed. “I have lived here for my entire life, and cherish this area more than any place on earth. But if that compressor station is built, I will be forced to move to protect my family rather than see them slowly poisoned or rapidly incinerated. Dominion should not be able to get a special exception that destroys everything I love here. They should not be able to take my community and home,” said Canavan.

    The proposed “Charles Station” would push gas to the Dominion Cove Point export terminal, new Washington Gas and Light taps, and the embattled Mattawoman Energy Center power plant proposed for Brandywine (although that project is currently listed as “suspended”). Over the last five years, several new gas-fueled power plants have opened in Southern Maryland, and the export terminal is just beginning to come online. This seems to run counter to Maryalnders’ opposition to fracking. The gas that would run through Charles Station would not come from Maryland, but it would significantly increase fracking in Pennsylvania. “The cumulative impact of this build-out on climate change and human and environmental health will be severe,” Deborah Buelow of Accokeek said.

    • RobertColgan

      All of this is fueled by potential PROFIT from sending gas liquified at the compresser station overseas where natural gas commands a much higher pricetag than it does in the USA.

      Conveniently ignored by profiteers in the discussion of pipeline and compresser station is the foolishness of advocating for fossil fuel use INSTEAD of designing/building solar installations, wind installations, and other forms of energy production that are non-polluting. Profits could come from focusing on alternate energy……it just wouldn’t involve the same companies whose current entire livelihoods are based on extraction.

      Granted, given the gigatonnage of methane now releasing from permafrost and arctic seabed the game may already be over as far as attempting to rein in global warming climate alteration……….mankind pushed it, now Mother Nature took it and is running with it. The Sixth Extinction is well underway.
      Still, for the time being, humans still have choices to make re how much additional pollution they wish to impose on one another and on the planet.

      And, given the sheer insanity that people have demonstrated in creating nuclear bomb arsenals capable of wiping out numerous Earth-size planets, their insanity in continuing to build newer and more treacherous weaponry with light, sound, and particle waves, their insanity in continuing to promote enemy status instead of working toward peaceful co-existence with other humans, animals, plants——-I don’t think it will happen.
      There’s too much insanity. The balance got tipped way too far to that side.

  • House Dems Announce Initiative on Gun Violence

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring today issued the following statement:

    “We are happy that House Republicans are taking a step to take a close look at school safety, and we accept their invitation to participate in their select committee on the issue. We are nonplussed, however, that House Republicans have announced a committee that by their own admission, will not discuss the issue of gun violence.

    “The issue of safety in schools is not a substitute for a greater conversation on gun violence, which is a crisis not just in our schools, but in spaces both public and private in communities throughout the nation. As we participate in this select committee, we will also be convening meetings throughout the Commonwealth to discuss the greater issue of gun violence, and we invite House Republicans to participate in this initiative as well. As part of this effort, we will hold town hall meetings to discuss the gun violence crisis, and we encourage our Republican colleagues to join us at these meetings. While we may have different views about how to diminish gun violence in America, there is bipartisan consensus in Virginia that we must redouble our efforts to address not just school safety, but also gun safety in America.”

  • From Del. Rip Sullivan:


    RICHMOND, Va.: Today, Delegate Richard C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. (D-McLean) spoke out against Republican leaders blocking consideration of HB 198, a gun safety bill that would create risk warrants in Virginia, while fast-tracking a bill related to certain drugs being permitted in animal shelters.

    The Republican leadership in the House of Delegates effectively killed HB 198 on February 13th, the day before the Parkland massacre, by refusing to even hold a hearing on the bill before Crossover, yet today proved that that the General Assembly Republican leadership is more than willing and able to take up bills after the so-called “deadline” by which all bills had to pass their respective chambers.

    “Since being introduced on Monday, SB 996 has already been hustled through the Senate and was reported out of a House Committee today, teeing it up for passage before the end of session. All the while, HB 198, a bill that would help address the gun violence crisis in Virginia, languishes in the House without having even been heard in subcommittee.”

    “Gun violence is a crisis. This is urgent, and Virginians are begging the General Assembly to act. The Republicans just proved that they could move a bill at the last minute if they so choose, so I call on them to listen to their constituents and take up HB 198 before session ends. Simply put, when it comes to preventing gun violence, inaction is indifference and complacency is complicity.”

    HB 198 would allow concerned family members and individuals close to a gun owner they believe to be a risk to himself or others to go to a Commonwealth’s Attorney or law enforcement officer and request that they seek a “risk warrant.” If they concur that the person is an immediate risk to himself or others, the Commonwealth’s Attorney or law enforcement officer would then go before a judge to ask for a risk warrant to remove the person’s firearms temporarily. Within 14 days, the court would have to convene a full hearing, ensuring there is full due process.

  • From Arlington County School Board member Barbara Kanninen’s campaign:

    Arlington Democrats endorse Kanninen’s re-election bid for Arlington School Board

    On March 7, the Arlington County Democratic Committee endorsed Barbara Kanninen in her 2018 re-election bid for the Arlington County School Board. The action comes now because no Democratic challenger has signed up to compete against Kanninen for the endorsement of the Arlington Democrats, eliminating the need for a caucus.

    “We’ve accomplished a lot,” said Kanninen about her re-election campaign, “but we still have more to do to support the whole child, lift up the voices of teachers and staff, and build a stronger, more responsive school system in a context of rapid growth.”

    First elected in 2014, Kanninen is serving as chair of the School Board during the 2017–2018 school year. She is an environmental economist, children’s book author, and community activist. In 2017, Washingtonian magazine named her one of the Most Powerful Women in Washington—the only elected official in Arlington and the only school board member in the DC metro area named to the magazine’s list. As a member of the school board, she was awarded the 2015 AGLA Equality Award and the Public Outreach and Engagement Award from the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association. Kanninen and her husband have lived in Arlington for more than 20 years and have two sons who were both K–12 Arlington Public Schools students.
    “We’re facing an important and exciting campaign season in Arlington in 2018,” Kanninen said. “I’m eager to take part in the crucial conversations happening in our community—and to keep working to make Arlington’s schools the best they can possibly be.”

    For more information on Barbara Kanninen’s campaign, contact Catherine Alston at CAlston@bk2018.org or go to https://www.bk2018.org/.

  • Rustbelt Democrat

    That Sinclair company is going to be getting worse. They are going to force their local news anchors to bash the media.