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Thursday News: “Who is Ronny Jackson?”; “Why Is Trump So Quiet?”; “State party saves 6th District GOP from potential disaster”; #OpeningDay


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 29. Oh…and play ball! 🙂

  • Roger Miller

    In Ronny Jackson’s world, no one weighs more than 239 lbs.

  • RobertColgan

    Re The Emoluments Clause:
    amazing that the only people who regard the Emoluments Clause as violated by TrumpCo according to that posted VOX article
    (” A Judge Just Ruled A Lawsuit Accusing Trump Can Go Ahead …” etc)

    are ‘legal scholars with ethics’ . . .???

    . . .which pretty much explains why our own morally impeccable head of the House Judiciary Committee (“Good”latte) has never considered Trump’s violations an issue.

    Seems it’s easiest to not have a problem with ethics or ethical violations once you’ve forgotten all about them.

  • James McCarthy

    Shocking that BV questions the appearance of Ronny Jackson on the scene. He follows a long tradition of successes produced by The Apprentice and we know who they are. No need for qualifications to run a huge federal agency if you meet all other requirements of the show. Stay tuned for the length of his tenure.

    • Laura Lee

      Looks like all the Veterans groups are against him
      Wonder if it will make a difference

      • James McCarthy

        Concerned Veterans is a Koch-sponsored group fronting for the libertarian objective of privatizing the VA health system. While some privatizing may be in order, e.g. to deliver health care via private agencies in rural areas, most vets support the VA system. Another obstacle is the vested interest of established VA health centers that Congress folks protect at all costs.

        But, not to worry, Adm. Jackson will be ably assisted in his duties by the fellow who washes the Trump window at Trump Tower.

        • Quizzical

          Why not retired Admiral Jonathan Greenert, who was CNO from 2011 to 2015? He’s not a doctor, but knows something about managing a large organization.

  • Quizzical

    Dr. Ronny would have to give up the practice of medicine (for VIPs mostly) and become a full time hospital system administrator/bureaucrat of an organization with an annual budget of $200 billion, with no experience. Why would he want that job. Time to revisit the mental capacity test, for both Trump and the good doctor.

  • True Blue

    I just read that GoFundMe donations for Andrew McCabe’s legal defense fund is already over $80,000 after a few hours. Wow!

  • Not surprised at all, but Bert Mizusawa did NOT get enough signatures to qualify for the VA GOP U.S. Senate primary in June. Sad! LOL


  • Quizzical
  • Quizzical
  • Cheryl Washer

    RE: Ronny Jackson. I read part of his job is to accompany Trump on trips to be available for emergencies. If I were him, that job makes heading the VA look like a vacation.