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Thursday News: “Wild,” “Madcap” White House Meeting on Guns; “Hope [Hicks] Against Hope”; Virginia Budget Negotiating Teams Set


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, March 1.

  • The NRA’s worst nightmare: Trump says “take the guns first, go through due process second” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2ahKYcMxDM

    Trump — “Or, Mike, take the firearms first and then go to court. Because that’s another system. A lot of times by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court, to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early. Like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida. He had a lot of firearms. They saw everything. To go to court would have taken a long time. You could do exactly what you’re saying but take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    • Quizzical

      Sen. Ben Sasse tellingly issued a statement defying Trump, essentially saying that he is not going to allow constitutional rights to be determined by someone who repeats whatever the last person to speak to him says.

      Confirmation of the Fire and Fury book by a Republican who knows the truth.

    • True Blue

      The most telling reaction in the room is that of Pence, expressionless during and after the “performance.” We’ll see if anything happens.

  • Agree on the concerns about giving Amazon too much as a bribe…er, incentive to move to Arlington, bu the problem is that if Arlington is completely transparent, won’t that give other jurisdictions that are NOT transparent an advantage in this fierce competition?

    Arlington GOP Chairman Jim Presswood issued the following statement on Arlington County’s pursuit of the new Amazon headquarters:

    “Arlington County needs to let its citizens know what kind of deal they are offering Amazon to lure the company’s new headquarters to our county. Its discussions with Amazon have been behind closed doors and without public input.

    While we appreciate Arlington County Board Chair Katie Cristol promising transparency, it’s time for the County to make public at least the basic framework of what it is offering. Backroom deals are not the Arlington Way.

    While an Amazon headquarters would bring benefits to Arlington and the region, Arlington citizens deserve to know the cost before any deal is struck. Arlington is under great budgetary pressure from increasing school capacity needs and a broken Metro. The citizens are entitled to know if the County is offering subsidies that will ultimately result in a bill being handed to Arlington taxpayers. Creating an attractive environment for businesses and residents is a far more fair and fiscally sound approach to bring jobs to Arlington than offering sweetheart deals to specific firms.”

  • Quizzical

    Why would Putin brag about new Russian missiles, which surely are classified information in Russia? Two possibilities. First, the Russians are concerned with Trump’s judgment and stability, and feel the need to expressly warn him off from doing something rash. Second, the Russians are trying to goad the US into spending more on strategic weapons, which are basically unusable in conventional wars. Bankrupts the US and creates R&D which the Russians can steal. Da?

    • Quizzical

      Weird that Putin’s speech can hardly break into the US headlines.

  • I like some of this stuff by VA-05 candidate Ben Cullop, but to me Democrats need to be a lot more aggressive in reforming our regressive, pro-rich, pro-corporate, overly-complicated-for-many-of-the-wrong-reasons tax code.

    Ben Cullop Leads On Taxes, Outlines Principles Aimed At Reinvesting In The Middle Class

    Cullop’s Principles Stand In Stark Contrast To The Trump-Garrett Plan That Puts Those At The Very Top And The Biggest Corporations Before The Middle Class And Small Businesses

    EARLYSVILLE, VA – Continuing his leadership on the issues that matter to Virginians, Albemarle County Democrat, 4th generation Virginian and candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District Ben Cullop is putting his business background to work. Today, he is outlining the principles that would guide him on tax reform while in Congress.

    “The special-interest backed tax plan rammed through this Republican Congress was a real missed opportunity to invest in small businesses and the middle class, and I think the 5th District deserves better,” Cullop said. “In Congress, I will fight every day to pass real tax reform that puts more money in the pockets of 5th District residents and fosters real job and wage growth. It’s the right thing to do morally and economically.”

    The tax process was broken from the start, ending with lobbyists knowing about the bill’s amendments before lawmakers. An analysis of the Republican plan shows that 83% of the benefits from the tax plan go to the top 1% of earners. In addition, a recent report from The New York Times showed the plan is helping company shareholders more than everyday Americans. Now, Republicans are targeting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to pay for their handouts.

    Instead, Ben wants to focus on middle class and small business tax cuts that will actually drive growth in the economy.

    “We have to get big corporate special interests out of the tax-writing process,” Cullop added. “We need to make sure the people who are the drivers of the economy – the middle class – have more money in their pockets to create demand, and therefore create jobs.”

    Cullop’s tax principles are:

    *Put the middle class first – Ben will focus on closing loopholes for hedge funds, real estate passthroughs, stadium construction and new estate tax breaks and shift those cuts to the middle class.

    *End the tax on filing your taxes – The IRS has the data and the resources to file your taxes for you, so why should Americans have to pay to do it? In Congress, Ben would support legislation that has the IRS automatically pre-populate your tax return, give you the right to download your own data, and make it illegal for the IRS to charge for the service.

    *Make the tax code simpler and fairer for small businesses – Ben will push to end tax shelters, loopholes, and regulations that simply leave small business to pay big business’ tabs, while fighting for size exemptions that level the playing field for small businesses.

    *Push for a living-wage tax credit – Ben will push for a Living Wage Tax Credit for small and medium-sized businesses that increase wages for their employees from around the minimum wage up to a living wage.

    The rollout of the principles comes approximately six weeks before Americans file their taxes. The full version of the principles can be found here.

    Ben Cullop is a 4th generation Virginian who received his undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Virginia. He built a successful career investing in communities and businesses across Virginia. He serves his community as a member of the advisory board of the UVA Children’s Hospital, the Albemarle County Police Foundation Board, and previously, the Charlottesville Retirement Commission. Ben lives in Albemarle County with his wife, Ashley, and their two young children.

  • Video: Anti-environment Virginia Senate GOP votes to kill state participation in RGGI. And yes, that’s Dominion tool Frank Wagner spewing out CO2 and other stuff…heh.


  • Video: Del. Mark Levine attempts to explain to Virginia Republicans that guns, not video games, are the cause of gun violence


  • Video: “Dominion Bill” passes Virginia State Senate 27-13


  • Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) is NOT one of 200 bipartisan House members to co-sponsor universal background checks bill. More evidence that, despite what Lee Hockstader at the Washington (Com)Post has to say, Comstock is far, far, FAR from being a “moderate”…


  • From the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus:


    RICHMOND — This afternoon, HB 375 patroned by Delegate Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) cleared the Senate on a party-line vote. The anti-worker bill prohibits localities from establishing a wage floor for public contracts that exceeds state requirements. Senate Democrats voted as a bloc against the measure which takes authority away from local governments in a way that snubs hardworking Virginians. The bill — which is identical to last year’s HB 1753, vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe — now makes its way to the desk of the Governor Ralph Northam.

    Speaking in opposition to the bill on the Senate Floor, Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) said, “This bill is an infringement on the authority of local government. We need to give local government the flexibility to determine if an increase in minimum wage is necessary to really secure the products and services that they really need.”

    Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said, “Nobody is forced to bid. Everyone is bidding the same way so nobody is at a competitive disadvantage. Everybody knows what’s expected. In the ten years this has been in existence I don’t know a single local government that has complained to their local representatives that this is a bad idea.”

    Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) said, “This is not a nefarious practice; this is a way to ensure that people in our localities make a reasonable wage. Everyone who works hard deserves to raise a family with dignity. This is a decision that local governments need to make, and the General Assembly should not be dictating the terms of local level contracts.”