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Tuesday News: “Primetime Stormy”; “All the President’s Thugs”; Moscow “Stunned”; GOP Plays Dangerous Games with 2020 Census


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, March 27.

  • Nick Freitas’ Teabaggy take on March for Our Lives – they want to take away our FREEDOM!!!! Also, slippery slope. LOL


    • Quizzical

      Gun nuts are really susceptible to slippery slope arguments, and I wonder why? Perhaps it is a self selection phenomenon. If you decide to buy a gun say for home defense, that decision most likely leads to a cascade of other decisions. It makes no sense to own a gun if you are not committed to knowing how to shoot it, so after buying your gun, you find yourself going to a shooting range regularly and spending money on ammo and range fees, and spending time and money on gun cleaning activities. You also have to worry about the security of your gun, both from children who have access to your house, and from burglars. So you need to buy a gun safe, which is not cheap and is a big, heavy, ugly metal box. Next, depending on the size and layout of your house, you may wonder what if someone breaks into your house while you are in there, and you can’t get to your gun? So you buy a second gun, maybe a handgun this time, and keep it in a second lockbox, and now you are toting that to the range too. Next, you realize that it makes no sense to have these guns at home, but risk being defenseless if confronted by a criminal outside the home. So you get a concealed carry license, and maybe a smaller handgun and the appropriate holsters. You get another lock box for that, maybe for your car. At this point you have to make yourself an expert on concealed carry laws, and think through what you are going to do about your carry weapon in every situation. Meanwhile if you are married, it makes no sense to have all these guns in the house if your spouse isn’t also committed to knowing how to load and shoot safely. So your spouse also has to go to the range, and to make it more fun your spouse has to have a handgun of his or her own choice. Now you are hanging out at the range a lot, and you start reading The American Rifleman and Guns and Ammo, so you can talk intelligently about guns with the people you meet. Maybe try hunting (another gun to buy) or skeet shooting (another gun to buy). Now you are a gun collector.

      It’s no wonder that they buy slippery slope arguments.

      • Quizzical

        That said, I noticed when Delaney Tarr said in her speech, if you give us a bump stock inch, we are going to take a mile, and I wished she hadn’t said it that way.

  • From Vangie Williams’ campaign in VA-01:

    Vangie Williams Makes History in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District

    Democratic candidate Vangie Williams (VA-01) made history today by becoming the first woman of color to have her name on the ballot for any congressional race in the 1st District. This milestone puts Williams one step closer to becoming the first woman of color to represent Virginia on Capitol Hill.

    Williams was the first to submit her statement of candidacy, signatures and filing fee before her opponents.

    “All of this is possible because of volunteers who spent countless hours knocking on doors, hitting the pavement and reaching every corner of the 1st District,” said Williams. “It’s a testament to our grassroots movement to organize, mobilize and reach voters.”

    Williams is running in a historically red district with a long-time incumbent. The last time this district went blue was when President Obama was first elected in 2008.

    In Virginia’s 229 years in Congress, only four women have held a congressional seat. Williams would be the fifth woman and first woman of color to represent Virginia in the House of Representatives.

    First, she must secure the nomination in the Democratic primary on June 12.

    “I see this as another opportunity for more women to redefine what leadership looks like,” said Williams. “People want change and they want someone who represents them, not corporate interests.”

    “I’m putting people first,” she added.

    Williams – a strategic planner with 30 years of experience – is running a campaign focused on creating pathways for accessible healthcare and bringing prosperity to hardworking families in the 1st District.

    “For a democracy to be truly representative, we need leaders that give a voice to those who have been forgotten. I’m honored to have my name on the ballot and bring democracy back to the people.”

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