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Video: In “Occupied Territory” of Arlington Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Tosses Red Meat, Vows “Vicious” Race, Says His Opponents Have Never Won in Northern Virginia


Check out the video, below, of neo-Confederate nutjob and 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart, tossing his usual far-right red meat to Republicans in Arlington, which Corey – with his usual subtlety and tact, LOL – called “occupied territory” full of “left-wing lunatics.”

Among other fascinating comments, Corey vowed yet again to “run the most vicious, ruthless, aggressive and brutal race against a Democrat that you have ever seen” (APPLAUSE from the Arlington Republicans – they absolutely eat up this viciousness!). Corey did point out, correctly (for once), that none of his GOP primary opponents (just-as-crazy-as-Corey-in-their-own-unique-ways “Paulbot” Nick Freitas and theocratic bigot Ewww Jackson) “has ever won a single election in Northern Virginia – not one.”

Now here’s a good conspiracy theory for you: Corey claimed that Virginia Democrats won in 2017 because “left-wing billionaires from the left coast” poured resources into “little” House of Delegates races, also “bused people in from New York, New Jersey, Maryland” (anyone hear a bit of a “dog whistle” here?), but in 2018 Democrats supposedly aren’t going to spend any resources on Virginia and “we’re going to kick their teeth out in 2018.”

Finally, gotta love this one: asked if he would do anything about Facebook, Corey said he would. Why? Not because of privacy intrusions or threats to our democracy, but…wait for it…because supposedly Facebook, Google, etc. specifically limit conservative speech (he gave the example of Googling “gun control” and “Chicago” and how the truth about the “high crime” and “gun control” connection has been suppressed). Yep, that’s the leading contender for the VA GOP’s 2018 U.S. Senate nomination, and a perfect illustration of how far off into John Birch Society loony-land today’s Republicans have lurched. Let’s not just beat them in November, let’s crush them.

  • Linda JJ

    The John Birch Society was right about Russia all along, and it seems it has taken the Democrats this long to finally realize the threat the Kremlin and Putin pose to our freedoms and our elections!!

    • Putin – you mean Trump’s BFF?

    • James McCarthy

      Sorry, Linda, some of us have been on the case forever. Just unheard

    • ButILikeCaves

      I recommend double layering the foil, so you have the shiny side facing both inside and out.

      • Linda JJ

        Are you talking to the people who believe the silly Trump Russia conspiracy theories? LOL! Good advice!

        • ButILikeCaves

          Nyet, Comrade.

  • old_redneck

    On Thursday Bert Mizusawa was eliminated from participating in the
    Republican primary for U.S. Senate when he failed to turn in the minimum
    number of signatures to make the ballot.


    I’m betting Misuzawa told his campaign to slow-roll the petition-gathering because he realized he didn’t want to appear on the same stage as Larry, Moe and Curly — AKA Freitas, Stewart, and Jackson.

  • James McCarthy

    More whackos like Stewart, eating their young, will assist in educating the radical right to losing. He’s good for all