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Video, Photos: Students Walk Out Around Virginia to Protest Gun Violence


Thank goodness for these students, that’s all I have to say! First, check out the student walkout today at Warwick High in Newport News VA; video courtesy of Shelly Simonds.

Washington-Lee High School in Alington

  • Laura Lee

    Good for those kids, More please…

  • Glen Bayless

    Thanks kids, for leading on this…I wish the adults had your courage

  • Shana

    I drove past Oakton Elementary and there were about 6 kids outside with signs.

  • old_redneck

    Northumberland County high school and middle school students walked to auditorium for protest.

    Too cold and windy outside.

  • frankoanderson

    Those elementary school kids really have it together. Very impressed!

    Not impressed with some of these deplorables at Goochland High School who were reportedly spitting at the kids participating in the walkouts:


    • True Blue

      Several counter-protestors look like some pretty old high schoolers.

  • James McCarthy

    During the Vietnam era, It was recognized that qualifying to die in battle at 18 should qualify for voting. A young population led the anti-war effort. Time to grant this generation a vote as HS citizens in school board elections. Their message is that adults have failed to get the job done. Let’s give them a vote.

    • These kids are MUCH more impressive than many “adults” in this country, including our “president.”

      • James McCarthy

        Agreed. And, personally, I believe way more sophisticated than we were during VN era.