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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Urges Congress to Finally Act to Reduce Gun Violence


Continued great work on gun violence prevention by Sen. Kaine, who spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate a few minutes ago. As Kaine wrote prior to his speech: “Tune in live as I take to the Senate floor to urge Republican leadership to let us vote on legislation to reduce gun violence. We need to listen to the will of the American people — who are powerfully demanding changes that will make our communities safer — as we saw front and center at #NationalWalkoutDay yesterday. For too long, Congress has been afraid to have this debate. But our children are afraid for their lives. And if they are showing the courage to speak out for change, the least we can do is show that we are listening.”

  • E. Warren

    How about we ask Timmy to drop his support of the Bank Lobbyist Bill that exempts American Express, SunTrust and BB&T from Dodd-Frank regulation; enables discrimination in lending by community banks and exempts them from the Volker Rule so they can invest your passbook savings account in high-risk paper.

  • Hokie Dad

    Where was all of this anti-gun passion during his white-washing of the VTech Massacre debacle?