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Video: Virginia State Sen. Dick Black, Friend of Bashar Assad’s, Goes on Long, Rambling Tirade About “False Flags,” Nuclear Armageddon, etc.


Virginia’s General Assembly meets for a special session on the budget and Medicaid expansion, so what does bat*** crazy Sen. Dick Black (R) do? Yep, go on for 20 minutes or so about his conspiracy theories (“false flags”), pro-Assad talking points (note that Black traveled to Syria to meet with the war criminal in 2016), his deep disappointment with Trump’s “war cabinet,” his doubt that anyone was gassed in Douma, how all this could lead to nuclear armageddon, etc. on Syria. I’m sure that Black’s colleagues appreciated having to sit there and listen to this tirade, when all they probably wanted to do at this point was go to lunch, hit the road to head home, etc.

P.S. For a sampling of Dick Black lunacy, see: What Is It With Loudoun Republicans?!? Dick Black on Spousal Rape, “Nighties,” etc.The Truth About Dick Black (e.g., called birth control pills “baby pesticides,” passed out “pink plastic fetus dolls to state lawmakers in 2003 in a creepy campaign to win votes for various anti-abortion measures,” called “An Embarrassment to us all” by John Feegel, a former Chief of Staff to the Republican Leader in the Virginia House of Delegates); Republican Loudoun-sanity Continues: Dick Black Rails Against Gays in the Military (“there was a young fellow who went to the showers at night, there were two homosexuals lurking — they were also basic trainees – and they strangled him with a towel and forced him to submit to, you know, things that we won’t talk about”); Sen. Dick Black (R-Homophobia): Polygamy “just more natural” than homosexualityVA Sen. Dick Black (R) Praises “Extraordinary Gallantry” of Syrian Armed ForcesGOP Candidate Who Made Marital Rape Remarks Drops Out of Congressional Race, etc, etc.


  • Harry

    Well, some speech, unfortunately for Sen. Black the VA Senate is not in a position to solve the Middle East mess. That said, I agree with some of the Senators comments. When the draft was ended near the end of the Vietnam War, we essentially created a professional military class. There was outrage from 1968 forward regarding the deaths and maimings of mostly young men between the ages of 19 and 22 who were drafted to fight a horrible war. The draft mobilized people to oppose the war, I believe that if we had a draft today and bodies of young people were stacking up, the war would quickly end. Mothers would not put up with seeing their sons and daughters sent to the middle east to fight with no end in sight. As everyone is aware the countries in the middle east were put together ignoring strongly held religious factions and a feudal tribal system of governing that was at war with each other for nearly 1000 years with brief interludes of peace overseen by strong dictatorships. My opinion right now is a compete and total withdraw of our treasure and troops from the middle east.

  • From DPVA:

    DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker condemned Senator Black for his defense of Assad and urged him to focus on making Virginia a stronger and healthier Commonwealth.

    “The Commonwealth needs our General Assembly focused on budget negotiations and expanding Medicaid. Dick Black’s focus is somewhere else – defending Bashar al-Assad and promoting “false flag” theories that insult the victims of Assad’s latest chemical attack. If Senator Black can’t put the needs of his constituents over those of Bashar al-Assad, he should give up his seat so the people of Loudoun County and Prince Williams County can have someone concentrated on fighting for them, not spinning narratives for brutal regimes.”

  • Bojaws Dubois