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Audio: Del. Tim Hugo (R) Claims Virginia “One Heart Attack Away From Being Massachusetts or Maryland”


Oh, Tim Hugo, friend of rich country club owners, how do we love thee? Right, we don’t love thee; in fact, we think you are a right-wing ideologue in a purple district who hurts Northern Virginia and is, for good reason, a top target for defeat in November 2019. Of course, Hugo may be a right wingnut, but he’s not an idiot politically, and it’s almost certain he is aware of how political vulnerable he and his party are. Hence, cue the hysteria. This morning, on right-wing radio, Hugo was asked about the possible loss of Del. Glenn Davis (R), who might run for mayor of Virginia Beach, and the potential for Democrats to be at 50-50 in the Virginia House of Delegates following a special election to fill Davis’ seat (assuming he is elected mayor). Asked if he’s worried, Hugo claimed he isn’t, but then acted VERY worried (check out the audio, below), as he went for the hard-core socialist/commie/pinko-bashing hysteria.  For instance: “I’ve got to tell the business community…you are one heart attack away from Massachusetts or Maryland.” Oh, and “this ain’t your granddaddy’s Democratic Party…one of these newly elected people said I’m not a Democrat, I’m a Socialist, that’s what you got elected in that wave…people of the far left…people that make Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren look conservative…it’s scary.” Hahahahaha. Nope, Hugo isn’t worried at all!

  • Harry

    This is the same gun rights nut who uses his campaign funds to purchase his household groceries. Donte Tanner will take him out in 2019 and send him to the trash heap of hate mongers.

  • James McCarthy

    Thugo is an emblem of the radical right complementing MA and MD. Can some one decode for us the analogy? Wait! Neither of those states have Thugo as a resident. That must be the key.

  • RobertColgan

    Hugo’s boastfully proud he’s fought to block 400,000 Virginians from getting medical help for THE LAST 10 YEARS !?!!!
    What a steaming pile…. heartless.