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Did Nick Freitas Buy Bob McDonnell’s Endorsement for $3,000?


Did 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate candidate Nick Freitas essentially buy former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s endorsement? First, check out Freitas’ 1Q18 Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report, which is available here.

Next, note that Freitas announced he was endorsed by Bob McDonnell on 2/27/18.

Next, note that in the three weeks leading up to that endorsement, the FEC report showed Bob McDonnell’s company was paid more than $3,000 by the Freitas campaign for “fundraising consulting,” “commission,” and “event expense reimbursement.” [p. 141 of the FEC report – below]

The address on the disbursement matches the one on the McDonnell Group’s site (2696 Reliance Drive Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 — cache here).

So what does this look like to you? Did Freitas essentially buy Bob McDonnell’s endorsement? It’s even more plausible given that we KNOW Bob McDonnell has a history of quid-pro-quo exchanges (Rolexes, etc.) for services rendered…

  • James McCarthy

    BV, are you insinuating that these dots are connected? Shame on you! Freitas clearly is I need of the type of consulting made available by McDonnell and McDonnell is clearly in need of the type of money that Freitas can provide to him. Ooooops!

  • Har Steb

    Who cares? Whoever gets the GOP nod for the Senate will lose.

  • dave schutz

    Well, who else is McD gonna endorse? Spectacularly unpleasant lemming-over-the-cliff nutball Stewart? The less unpleasant but nuttier Rev.? If I were a Reep, I would be voting Freitas, simply because I would see him doing less damage to the brand going forward. I’m with Har Steb, though, in seeing the Reep nomination as an insignificant sideshow.

    • Why anyone would want corrupt slimeball “Taliban Bob” (aka, “Sodomy Bob”) McDonnell’s endorsement is beyond me anyway…