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Saturday News: “Scott Pruitt is unfit to serve”; “GOP fears primary fight will ruin Va. Senate chances”; Clergy Blocked by Armed Security from Delivering Water to Pipeline Protestor


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 7.

  • True Blue

    Thanks for posting the video of attempts to get water to the pole-sitter on public lands.

    The forest workers who cited them with warnings are operating at Kohlberg’s stage 4 – Law and Order; Authority and social-order maintaining orientation. They are understandably required and paid to represent Level 2 (Conventional) thought, no matter their personal opinion. Whereas the clergy and faith leaders are operating at stage 6 – Principled conscience; Universal ethical principles. Level 3 (Post-Conventional) thought is obviously more sophisticated and moral, and the clergy are understandably and ethically required to value people and lands over profiteering companies.

    There was a phone number for the Forest Service, with a Roanoke contact; I’ll go to that website to request ethical treatment of the campers and protester. Water is Life!