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Wednesday News: “Dandruff Diplomacy”; “Bad Bromance”; Ronny Jackson Debacle; 16-20-Point “Blue” Swing in AZ Special Election; Va. Conservatives Suddenly Do NOT Care About Private Property Rights


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, April 25.

  • How nice…Dominion’s Director of Media Relations – yeah, THIS guy – gushing over Ralph Northam’s “successful and productive first four months.” Yeah, like the Dominion bill, written for/by/of Dominion? The corrupt “Virginia Way” at its slimiest.


  • old_redneck

    The Freak Show that is the VA-06 Republican nominating process is a thing of beauty!!

    Years ago the RNC moved rightwing nutcase Cynthia Dunbar from Texas to VA-06, knowing she would appeal to the goobers who make up the VA-06 GOP with her anti-abortion, anti-public school, anti-immigrant stance.

    At the same time, the Tea-Party-dominated VA-06 GOP committee set up a convention process to ensure her victory.

    Now, facing the demise of the Tea Party and the anti-Trump, anti-GOP revolt, VA-06 Republicans don’t know what to do.

    Pass the popcorn.

  • Video: French President Macron says we are “killing our planet,” “there is no Planet B,” and we must ACT!


  • Quizzical

    The White House Medical Unit has around 30 personnel. The Veterans Administration has around 360,000 personnel. Now, it may be that Admiral Ronny Jackson MD could do a fine job at the VA. Most physicians are multi-talented, well-rounded and confident individuals, and Dr. Jackson does have 23 years of service in the Navy. So he does have a lot going for him. On the other hand, he has little management experience, and the stories coming out do not auger a knack for management.

    So this is not the way to develop talent, in any field. You don’t develop an Olympic swimmer by taking a good athlete to deep water and just tossing him or her in. You don’t take a single A pitcher and bypass the AA league and AAA league, and put him into the starting rotation in the major leagues. You don’t take the bright energetic store manager of your local supermarket and make him or her the CEO of General Electric. In each such example, there would be a chance it would work out, but with far greater odds of ruining a promising prospect.