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Donte Tanner Endorses Edwin Santana for Congress


Great to see this; hope to see a lot more people joining Donte Tanner (and me) in endorsing Edwin Santana for Congress in VA-01. Just over a month to go until the June 12 primary!

Donte Tanner Endorses Edwin Santana for Congress!

Fredericksburg, VA – Edwin Santana’s congressional campaign, today, received the endorsement of Donte Tanner, Air Force veteran, small business owner and Democratic Candidate for House of Delegates VA-40.

“We’re honored to receive an endorsement from a dedicated public servant like Donte. He has made it a point to champion veterans, their families and all of Virginia’s working families, and I’m honored that he sees those same principles and values in our campaign,” said Edwin.

“I am supporting Edwin Santana because as a fellow veteran, he is a committed public servant with integrity which is just the type of leader we need in Washington. His unique perspective on veterans issues will help address the issues that military families are dealing with daily. He has committed to making this his primary focus if elected and I truly believe in this cause. For over a year now, I have come to know his passion and work ethic. He has spent that entire time travelling the district and listening to the concerns of the 1st CD voters…something that Rob Wittman has failed to do in his ten years in Congress. The 1st CD needs and deserves better. He is running because he wants to represent the 1st CD, the interests of working families and give them a voice at the table. I know he shares the same values that I do in that he believes in integrity first and service before self,” said Donte Tanner.

With 33 days to go before the June 12 Primary Election, the Santana campaign continues to carry momentum and focus on get-out-the-vote efforts and voter contact as they work towards the overall goal of defeating Rob Wittman in November.

  • PoquosonMarsh

    I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into Blue Virginia. I’ve yet to find anything close to it… I just don’t understand some of the content.

    What is this? I found a Donte Tanner who lost for that same state district 40 seat not more than 6 months ago? Is he already running for re-election and endorsing folks in races for US Congress? Has he held another position?

    In your own endorsement of Edwin, if you look at those same points (as well as Donte Tanner’s) shouldn’t you have come out in support of RD in VA-5 and Dan Helmer up in Comstock’s seat? Did Donte endorse them?

    I have actually been turned onto Donte by researching him, just am a little confused. Alas, maybe this is just politics as usual and I don’t understand…

    • a) Yes, Donte Tanner ran for House of Delegates in 2017, barely lost to Del. Tim Hugo and is running again.
      b) Not following your point about b/c I endorsed Edwin Santana in VA-01, that implies what I “should” do in other congressional districts.
      c) Also not following your point about “politics as usual”; so it’s wrong somehow when someone is impressed with a candidate and supports them/endorses them? To quote you, “I don’t understand.”

      • PoquosonMarsh

        I appreciate the quick response while none was needed (unless I was THAT bad). I regret if my tone/intent was not accurately portrayed via comment…

        Will continue to follow (and limit commenting).