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Video: EW Jackson Claims “It was NOT Europeans who came up with racial ideology, it was Arab Muslims”


Right Wing Watch reports on 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ewwwwww Jackson’s latest lunacy and bizarre historical revisionism (see partial transcript and video, below). Sadly, it’s not surprising that a rabidly anti-Muslim bigot like Ewwwww would go in this direction, but still…WTF? I presume that the Virginia GOP will boot Ewwww out of their party, just like they booted out this guy (well, sort of; he’s in a leadership position in the Fairfax GOP)? No, of course they won’t. Nor will Ewwww’s fellow U.S. Senate candidates, neo-Confederate Corey and Freaky Freitas, condemn him. Another day in the life of the batshit-crazy Virginia GOP…

And I know this is not politically correct, and I hope the press will get this right. It was actually Arab Muslims who were the first to enslave sub-Saharan Africans. And by the way, it was Arab Muslims who were the first to create racial ideology, because they invented a word that was intended to convey being both a black African and a slave, the word is abid…in fact there are modern Muslims who tell other Muslims they should never use that word because it is the equivalent of the “n-word” in Arabic. It was NOT Europeans who came up with racial ideology, it was Arab Muslims. It was not Europeans who started the African slave trade; the Portugese were the first [Europeans] to engage in it, but they learned it from them! And by the way, it could not have happened without the cooperation of Africans

  • HaroldCh8

    The Arab Muslim led trans-saharan black slave trade started in the early 8th century and ended in the 1960’s (on paper anyway, black slaves can still be purchased on the dark web in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the region). The Arabic word for a black slave is ‘abd (pronounced abeed).

    The more generic term to refer to black Africans in Arabic was zanj (white Christians used the catch all term “Aethiopian” to refer to black Africans).

    Zanj may or may not be slaves (see the Zanj rebellion). Arab Muslims also dealt in white Christian slaves (circa 7th-15th centuries and these were called mamluks) primarily abducted in coastal raids or kept as prisoners of war and sold into slavery.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • RobertColgan

      More significantly, and applicably so, if seconds are taken into consideration a broken clock is wrong 99.99997% of the time.

      • HaroldCh8

        In researching the GOP Senate candidates I’ve found a lot of odd, offensive, or incorrect statements by Mr. Jackson. This wasn’t one of them. The author of this could have cross-referenced his claims quickly but chose not to do so instead labelling it “lunacy and bizarre historical revisionism”.

  • E.W. Jackson

    As usual, your hatred blinds you to the point. It’s not to condemn Muslims, but to point out that human beings have been enslaving and subjugating each other for a variety of reasons throughout human history. America’s slave history must be seen in the context of human history and something we inherited. It was opposed by many Americans from the beginning. Slavery was a moral evil, but it was not a unique American evil. What is unique is the basis upon which we were founded, which provided a moral basis for ending slavery. Americans paid dearly to end it. In the context of a fallen world, we Americans, including me, as as descendant of slaves, have much to be thankful for and much to be proud of. If you find this point to be lunacy, I will pray that your eyes will be opened to truth and you will stop hating and start loving and forgiving people.
    E.W. Jackson

    • Mr. Jackson – The fact that I think you’re a bigot and a joke doesn’t mean I “hate” you, it means I pity you and also that I hate the bigotry you have espoused for many years (against Muslims, the LGBTQ community, etc.). As for your point that “human beings have been enslaving and subjugating each other for a variety of reasons throughout human history,” that’s obvious to anyone who has read history; the question is why you continually single out Arabs and Muslims, as if slavery hasn’t existed since time immemorial. As for slavery in THIS country, the fact is that while some Americans opposed it from the beginning, the institution of slavery was legal (in many states) AND constitutional until the Civil War (which, by the way, was ostensibly NOT fought to free the slaves but to preserve the union) ended it, but then we had 100 years of Jim Crow – including KKK terrorism, lynchings, etc.. – to keep blacks “in their place,” and decades more of discrimination since the Civil Rights movement. So not sure why you are so eager to completely absolve America of this. Finally, while I don’t believe in a deity, if I did I would “pray that YOUR eyes will be opened to truth and that YOU will stop hating and start loving and forgiving people” as well. So we’re even. LOL

    • BTW, I’d note that while you have blocked me on Twitter, I have not blocked you here. Why is that? Perhaps progressives are a lot more tolerant than those on the (far) right? Hmmmm…

  • James McCarthy

    Gee, I always thought slavery began with male domination over women.