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Video: Alexandria Mayoral Debate Between Allison Silberberg and Justin Wilson


I didn’t have time to watch all of this Alexandria Mayoral debate, sponsored by the Del Ray Business Association, but I skimmed through it and thought that both candidates – Mayor Allison Silberberg and Vice Mayor Justin Wilson – did a good job. I’m curious what people’s arguments for either Wilson or Silberberg might be, as I haven’t decided who (if anyone) to support in this race.

UPDATE Thursday afternoon: I’ve now watched the entire thing and found some interesting discussion/debate on a number of areas, including dedicated funding (or not), how to encourage affordable housing, whether a “meals tax” is the right way to go, how to cut down on pedestrian fatalities, whether the Metro funding bill was a good deal for Alexandria or not, etc.

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  • GailGD

    Just came across this. I can tell you that Alexandria is divided like never before over this. It’s even worse than last cycle when it was Sliberberg/Euille/Donley in the primary. It’s very clear that Republicans are supporting Allison Silberberg and will skip the GOP Senate primary to vote for her in our mayoral and city council primary. When I walked in the St. Patrick’s day parade with the Alx Dems, a guy in a MAGA hat was yelling “Go Allison!” There are Allison signs on many yards around town that had Drumpf signs in 2016. She’s catering to the rich people in Old Town and the very anti-development NIMBYs there and in other parts of the city. She answers only to them. Justin Wilson has a more thorough approach to solving our very serious problems and he knows the budget. Allison stumbled in the debate and if you watch, you will see where she mumbles and trails off over the words “incentives…incentives…incentivize…”. She does that a lot, at council meetings, debates, public events, etc. She loses her train of thought. When you talk to her, she seems stoned. It’s weird. I’m not saying she is stoned, just that she comes across that way. She’s zoned out. Her defenders say she’s being “thoughtful.” I think she doesn’t know how to answer. Allison voted for the meals tax, which might cost her some votes. I personally have no strong opinion about that. I sympathize with the restaurant owners to a degree, but I don’t really believe that another penny on the dollar will impact diners’ decisions that much, and to the extent that we’re getting non-city diners (tourists, etc) all the better, but that alone is not going to solve the affordable housing issue here. I disagree with Justin on some issues, like his constant pushing for bike lanes. He seems to think that women juggling kids, dry cleaning, brief cases, and skirts and high heels can bike to work and I’ve argued with him about his white male privilege viewpoint on that, but at least he goes to work and gets that women have it harder. Allison doesn’t even do that. In the end, the mayoral race will be about who gets their voters out. The city council primary will be about name recognition. Never a dull moment here in the Port City! Come canvas here in the next couple of weeks and if you’re real lucky like me, you will see Sean Spicer driving by on his way home. LOLz