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Video: Dan Ward for Congress (VA-07) Up with New TV Ad


The following TV ad is from the Dan Ward for Congress campaign in VA-07, who is running in the Democratic primary against Abigail Spanberger to take on bats***-crazy extremist Rep. Dave Brat (R). I like the ad fine…until the “Washington doesn’t give a damn” part. I’ve said this a million times, as has my Blue Virginia colleague Adam Siegel — Democrats absolutely should NOT talk about how “Washington” or “Congress” is broken; they should talk about how REPUBLICANS have worked relentlessly to break Washington and to break Congress. In short, saying into the GOP narrative that government can’t work is a big mistake for Democrats to make. So don’t do it! Instead, how about talking about how Democrats DO “give a damn,” while Republicans only care about rich people and big corporations?

Ward Campaign Airs First Ad Ahead of VA-07 Primary

Dan Ward, candidate for VA-07, builds on momentum with release of personal ad

ORANGE, VA – Today Dan Ward, Democratic Candidate running for Congress in VA-07, announced the release of his campaign’s first television ad “On Your Side.”

The Ward campaign’s first spot, which will begin airing today in counties across the district, introduces voters to Ward’s humble background growing up with a large family in a cabin with no running water.

“…too many families are scraping just to get by. Coming home every day from jobs that don’t cover the bills, only to worry about healthcare they can’t afford,” Ward says in the video. “Washington doesn’t give a damn. But I do.”

Dan Ward’s campaign is the first to go up on television ahead of the upcoming June 12th primary. The campaign continues to build momentum following the release of several endorsements last week including the Virginia AFL-CIO, the veterans’ organization With Honor, and a slate of local candidates and party officials.

The ad can be seen here.

You can learn more about Dan Ward’s campaign on his websiteTwitter, and Facebook.


Dan Ward spent almost 25 years in the Marine Corps. He flew attack jets in combat missions over Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo. As a colonel, Ward served as a senior military advisor in President Obama’s State Department. Dan lives on a farm in Orange with his wife where they raise cattle and run a sawmill repurposing historic lumber. They have two children in college and two dogs running around the farm.

  • A_Siegel

    Perhaps this messaging works politically (blaming seemingly faceless “bureaucrats” and that cesspool “Washington”) … perhaps … Personally, I don’t think it is the most effective political messaging. Even more importantly, it is simply wrong and wrong-headed. The problem isn’t ‘government’, but those who are seeking to damage/destroy/abuse it — most notably, the entire GOP and its pinnacle, the Trump Kakistocracy. The problem isn’t “Washington”, but the GOP’s determination to break any norms to achieve undemocratic objectives and to protect the likely treasonous Trump (and collaborators like Pence).

    From one of the discussions that Lowell mentions re another VA Dems primary:

    • Kenneth Ferland

      If both the candidates in the 7th talk like that then we will have an interesting contrast with the 5th right next door where the Cockburn campaign is much more ‘Republicans are the problem’. Both districts have about the same Republican partisan advantage and Cook rating so we can see if the aggressive Progressive message works better then this middle of the road ‘the system is broken’ one.

  • OrangeDem

    I like the guy, but I saw this ad for the first time yesterday a.m. and thought the labeling of the different people was a little weird.