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Video, Photos: Leslie Cockburn Accepts Democratic Nomination in VA-05; Now Time to Kick Tom Garrett to the Curb!


See below for photos and video from today’s VA-05 Democratic convention, where Leslie Cockburn was officially nominated to take on – and defeat – the deplorable Rep. Tom Garrett (R). How deplorable is Tom Garrett? For more on that subject, see Video: Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA05) Shows Why He Needs to Go; Condescendingly Disses Woman Who Needs Health Care, Says Hers Is Just “One Family!”, Democrats Seize on Tom Garrett’s Meeting with Kessler, Video: Well This Is Reassuring; Rep. Tom Garrett Says Trump’s “Small Potatoes” Compared to Nazi Germany, WWTJD? Rep. Tom Garrett Posts Fake Thomas Jefferson Quote, Refuses to Remove It When Told It’s Fake, Not-Too-Bright Rep. Tom Garrett (R) Inadvertently Slams Trump for Calling the Muslim Ban a Muslim Ban, Tom Garrett Tried to Avoid His Constituents by Holding a Virtual “Town Hall” on Facebook. It Did Not Go Well., and Meet Your New Virginia 5th CD GOP Nominee, Right-Wing Extremist Tom Garrett. I could go on, but you get the idea. Now let’s all help Leslie Cockburn beat this guy!

  • From VA-05 Dem nominee Leslie Cockburn:

    Thank you VA-05! Moments ago, Democrats from across our District came together in Farmville to collectively launch our campaign to take back our seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The energy in the room was electric. Looking over our crowd of hundreds of community organizers, I was overwhelmed with inspiration and gratitude. Today, the real fight begins and I am confident that our grassroots movement – each of you! – has the drive, vision, reach, and expertise needed to compete in every county.

    I was honored to stand with my terrific fellow Democratic candidates—Ben Cullop, RD Huffstetler, and Andrew Sneathern—each of whom ran incredible campaigns and built outstanding teams of staff and volunteers who are critical to our movement. I am also grateful to the members of the 5th Congressional District Democratic Committee and each of the 23 local Democratic committees for the countless hours they each devoted to organizing outstanding caucuses and the convention. I am looking forward to collaborating closely with all in the months ahead.

    It is a privilege to be your nominee. Thank you. I am humbled and pledge to work even harder to make sure that your voice is heard throughout the 5th, and all the way to Congress.

    Together, we will flip the 5th!

    With gratitude,

  • A_Siegel

    Congrats to L. Cockburn who will be refereeing to as Representative Cockburn next January.

    As per her victory message, what is going on in VA05 merits attention elsewhere. There was a serious and even, it seems, heated battle for the Democratic nomination. Yet, emergent from the primary there is unity in determination to see VA05 with better representation in Congress. And, Cockburn’s primary opponents are making their determination to help make this happen clear.

    For example, Huffstetler’s statement “After a hard-fought campaign, it’s time for us to unite in our goal of defeating Tom Garrett this fall.” https://twitter.com/rdhjr/status/992079639056183296 is worthy of a read and attention.

    My reaction to reading it (https://twitter.com/A_Siegel/status/992467192888295424) “Thank you for such a strong and clear statement after a hard fought primary campaign.
    Primaries are good for the voters, for Democracy — and such steps like this are good to see at the end of them.”

  • Leslie Cockburn tweet: “What an honor to be nominated today in Farmville as the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 5th District. Thank you all for coming out, thank you Ben, RD and Andrew for being so gracious and thank you 5th District Committee for a great event!”

  • From the Cockburn for Congress campaign, responding to the idiotic VA GOP attacks on her…


    In response to unfounded attacks by the Republicans regarding Leslie Cockburn’s 1991 book on the military and intelligence relationship between the US and Israel, Israel Prize Laureate Professor Irad Malkin made the following statement.

    “I wrote at length about Dangerous Liaison for Ha’aretz and to call Leslie Cockburn an anti-Semite is outrageous,” said Professor Irad Malkin.

    “Leslie is honored to have the support of Professor Irad Malkin, who knows first-hand of Leslie’s career dedicated to speaking truth to power and standing up to racism, anti-Semitism, and corporate special interests that take advantage of every day people,” said Louise Bruce, Cockburn’s Deputy Campaign Manager. “In contrast, her opponent Tom Garrett put out the welcome mat for white nationalist, racists and Neo-Nazis that turned Charlottesville into battleground. Garrett’s simply not qualified to be passing out judgements on others.”

  • old_redneck

    The Lovettsville Village Idiot over at The Bullshitting Elephant has another take on Cockburn. I would comment on their article but I’ve been banned from TBE . . . a fact of which I am proud.


    ” Yesterday in Virginia’s 5th Congressional district Democrats chose Leslie Cockburn to run against Rep. Tom Garrett. Cockburn has a long history of anti-Semitism. She and her husband are extreme anti-semites, blaming Israelis for nearly all ills in the United States and elsewhere, in their book entitled ‘Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story
    of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship’. “

    • Do you think any of these people have ever read Cockburn’s book? I actually have, and I saw nothing in there that was anti-Semitic. But that won’t stop the anti-Semitic-jokester-led VA GOP from attempting to smear Dems’ VA-05 nominee. What else do they have? Certainly nothing positive about Tom Garrett!

    • Kenneth Ferland

      Classic Republican, accuse your opponent of what you yourself are doing. Next Garret will be telling us how Leslie doesn’t hold any town halls.

      Also I think most folks even on the right have figured out that Israel is a county and a government, not the whole of Judaism.