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Audio: On WRVA, Ralph Northam Asked, “Does Dominion Energy have pictures of you or are they just giving you a blank-load of money for selling out our state’s environment?”


FINALLY, somebody in the news media actually asks Gov. Ralph Northam not just one pipelines question, but a followup, also about his views on Dominion Energy. Miracle of miracles, especially since the guy asking is WRVA’s John Reid, who is most certainly not a progressive, on this morning’s “Ask the Governor” show. Check out the audio, below, and also my transcript of how this one went down – as well as my brief comments, in bold.

WRVA host John Reid: “Governor, we have invited people to contact us on Twitter and on Facebook to ask questions…this one’s kind of a loaded question, I warn you…regarding the pipelines. ‘Dear Governor: Does Dominion Energy have pictures of you or are they just giving you a blank-load of money for selling out our state’s environment. I think we’re talking about the pipeline[s] here. That’s certainly a legitimate topic to bring up. And I ask people to keep it classy here, but there are a lot of people really angry about the pipeline issue. What’s your reaction?

Gov. Ralph Northam: “Absolutely, John, I’m very sensitive to these folks [Highly doubtful] and as I travel across the Commonwealth I’ve had discussions with a lot of them [Really? When? Where? With whom?] and I listen to their their concerns [No evidence that’s happened that I’m aware of]. Let me hopefully reassure Virginians and the folks that are coming in through your social media – this pipeline will not, I repeat it will not move forward unless it’s done using the law and using science. [that’s Northam’s standard line, always has been false and continues to be false – wildly so, actually]. And as the caller or the inquirer may may know, the Mountain Valley Pipeline…the building of that has been halted [Yeah, temporarily, but NOT because of anything Ralph Northam or Virginia DEQ did! Also note that Northam just said the other day that he SUPPORTS moving ahead with the Mountain Valley Pipeline] and there also have been some recent rulings on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline [Again, no thanks to Ralph Northam]. We need and I will continue to support our regulatory agencies [Not even sure what this means]. We work with the DEQ; in Virginia we are making sure that every stream in Virginia is looked at [That is just flat-out FALSE; note that many legislators have written to Northam demanding a stream-by-stream review.] and if there are concerns about it they’re being addressed [Again, flat-out false]. And so as we move forward, as I said earlier, it will not be built unless it’s done with environmental regulations, with property rights in mind [Yet again, flat-out false] and this has been my position all along. I have confidence in our DEQ [Really? The “captured” DEQ led by corrupted David Paylor? Why would anyone have confidence in that slimepit?]. I have confidence in the Corps of Engineers. And most recently the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that what we’re doing what our DEQ is doing in Virginia is is by the book [Uhhhhh…what has been “by the book” about any of this?] and they supported that, and that’s the way we’ll move forward…

WRVA host John Reid asks a follow-up: This guy who wrote to us seems really hostile. Do you have confidence in Dominion? Do you think they are trying? I mean they want the pipeline, but do you think they are trying to do the right thing by Virginia and environmental standards? [Great question; see how this is done, other journalists???]

Ralph Northam: You know I’m not here, John, to speak for Dominion. [That is NOT what John Reid asked; he asked whether Northam has confidence in Dominion, whether he believes Dominion is doing the right thing, etc. Northam totally dodged this one, and not skillfully at all.]. But it is important that we have competitive energy rates in Virginia as we move our economy forward [Total non sequitur, also not accurate. Pathetic non-answer] and something that I’m very pleased about. And I’ve worked closely with Dominion in our movement toward renewable energy…[Blah blah blah, total change of topic and avoidance of answering the very clear and astute question by John Reid].


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