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More Than Thirty Virginia Leaders Endorse Mike Bloomberg For President

Bloomberg 2020 Names Virginia Campaign Co-Chairs


From the Mike Bloomberg for President campaign:

More Than Thirty Virginia Leaders Endorse Mike Bloomberg For President

Mike Bloomberg 2020 Names Virginia Campaign Co-Chairs

RICHMOND, Va — Ahead of Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s sixth visit to Virginia on Saturday, more than thirty Virginians endorsed him for president. Mike Bloomberg 2020 is also naming their Virginia campaign co-chairs. This long list of supporters includes elected officials, advocates, and community and business leaders from all corners of the Commonwealth. They represent the robust momentum the campaign has been witnessing since ramping up its efforts — hiring over 80 staffers and opening 7 offices around the Commonwealth.

In 2016, Delegate Lashrecse Aird became the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Delegates, where she is fighting to improve the quality of life for all Virginians. Delegate Nancy Guy is a long-time education leader and a key member of the Democratic majority that took control of the General Assembly this past November. A longtime leader in Norfolk, Mayor Kenny Alexander has served Virginia in various public roles for almost two decades before being elected mayor in 2016. Dr. Abigail Spangler is a gun safety activist who led the group Protest Easy Guns, conducting lie-ins across the country to call attention to gun violence. As former Treasurer of Virginia, Jody Wagner supervised the Commonwealth’s payroll and handled investments. Ibrahim Moiz is a faith leader in Northern Virginia and former candidate for Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

“I am supporting Mike Bloomberg because he has a proven record as a public executive who solves complex problems and gets things done,” said Delegate Nancy Guy, Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia Co-Chair. “He understands the existential crisis of climate change and will take bold action to combat it.”

“As Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg increased the quality of life for residents, built a stronger city, and invested in the future,” said Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander, Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia Co-Chair. “Mike knows leadership is about solving problems, not playing political games. As president, he will fight for gun safety, combat climate change, and build an economy that works for everyone. I am proud to support Mike Bloomberg for president.”

“Mike Bloomberg is a proven and successful executive. He knows how to recruit, retain, and inspire great talent,” said Dr. Abigail Spangler, Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia Co-Chair. “He has used the talent he recruits to tackle some of the most difficult issues in our country. As a presidential candidate, Mike has outlined a comprehensive gun safety plan that treats the gun violence crisis like the national emergency it is. It’s time we have a leader who has a record of fighting for our children and who will get things done — that leader is Mike Bloomberg.”

“The United States needs a highly competent president who can rebuild our country and its relationships around the world after the past four years,” said Jody Wagner, Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia Co-Chair. “Mike Bloomberg has the skills and experience to get the job done. He has demonstrated that he is capable of tackling issues with integrity and a strong team. He will defeat Donald Trump in November, and I am glad to add my support to Mike’s campaign.”

“I’m supporting Mike Bloomberg because I believe he will get it done and defeat Donald Trump,” said Ibrahim Moiz, Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia Co-Chair. “I wholeheartedly believe Mike has the best chance to win in November and reverse the damage done these past four years under this administration. Mike’s charisma, political acumen, and resources to go head-to-head with Trump is exactly what America needs.”

Below are Mike Bloomberg 2020 Virginia campaign co-chairs:

  • Delegate Lashrecse Aird, 63rd Virginia House District
  • Delegate Nancy Guy, 83rd Virginia House District
  • Mayor Kenny Alexander, City of Norfolk, VA
  • Dr. Abigail Spangler, Founder of Protest Easy Guns, President of the C.D. Spangler Foundation, and Board of Directors of Spangler Companies, Inc.
  • Jody Wagner, Former State Treasurer of Virginia, Former Secretary of Finance under Governor Tim Kaine, Former Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, and Former Lt. Governor Democratic Nominee
  • Ibrahim Moiz, Former Loudoun Supervisor Candidate, Member of the Virginia Real Estate Board

Below are other Virginians endorsing Mike Bloomberg today:

  • Mayor Derrick Wood, Town of Dumfries, VA
  • Council Member Chris Hilbert, City Council Vice President, City of Richmond, VA
  • Council Member Angelia Williams Graves, City of Norfolk, VA
  • Council Member Ron Campbell, City of Leesburg, VA
  • Council Member Lue Ward, City of Suffolk, VA
  • Treasurer Molly Ward, Treasurer of the City of Hampton, VA
  • Paul Fraim, Former Mayor of Norfolk, VA
  • Allison Silberberg, Former Mayor of Alexandria
  • Laurie Naismith, Former Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Esther Lee, Former Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade and President and CEO of Refraction
  • Johanna Fitzpatrick, Retired Chief Judge for the Virginia Court of Appeals
  • Daniel Akerson, Former Chairman and CEO of General Motors
  • Gene Rossi, Former Lt. Governor Candidate
  • Jack Berry, Former Richmond Mayoral candidate
  • Amy Laufer, Former State Senate Candidate in Virginia’s 17th District
  • Laura Galante, Former House of Delegates Candidate for Virginia’s 18th District and Cyber Security Expert
  • Laura Wood Habr, Candidate for Virginia Beach Treasurer and Small Business Owner
  • Cyanne Yates, Community Leader in Essex County, VA
  • Tina Barchik, Community Leader in Fairfax County, VA
  • Dr. William Fuller, Community Leader in City of Winchester, VA
  • Joe & Mona Samaha, Parents of Reema Samaha, VA Tech Shooting Victim
  • Jane Rudolph, Former Chief of Staff to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Tricia Maher-Miller, Education Consultant and Gun Violence Prevention Activist
  • Hap Connors, Business leader
  • Debbie Benton Motley, Community Health Advocate
  • John Forster, CEO, AllSite Contracting
  • Kim Aubuchon, COO, Sestra Systems
  • Steve Aubuchon, Director of DC Sail
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