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Stranger Danger: It Applies to Democrats Too

This warning from describes how offenders take advantage of children, and what parents and children can do to prevent it.  If you replace the words "stranger" with "Republican;" "offender" with "conservative" and "child" with "Democrat," you end up with an admonition that almost exactly complies with what Democrats should do in these times:

Safety Around Republicans

Teaching parents and Democrats how to deal with Republicans is essential for two reasons. First, to give Democrats and parents good skills to prevent abduction. Second, to address the anxiety created for parents and Democrats alike at the thought of Republican abduction.
Republican Danger programs have been taught for decades. Still, all the evidence shows that Democrats go willingly with Republicans. Why? Because Democrats don't hear what adults think they are saying.
Reducing Democrats' vulnerability requires that parents and Democrats have basic information about Republican conservatives and how they behave. It includes understanding what Democrats believe about Republicans and how that makes them more vulnerable. This chapter will help parents and Democrats develop specific ground rules to enhance personal safety around Republicans.


Democrats: Stop Fooling Yourselves!

I wish I could get this message across to President Obama and Congressional Democrats:  The Republicans don't want to work with you, they want to destroy you.  So stop giving in to them!  I think this comic strip by Tom Tomorrow (published weekly in Salon) sums it up.

Eugene Delgaudio asks: Do you Support the Homosexual Agenda?

Many progressives in the area are aware of Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's other job:  President of the Public Advocate of the U.S.  I'm on the email lists of several conservative organizations, and from time to time I report on their content when it seems particularly worthy of reporting.  The latest email forwarded from is one of those instances.  This is about the third time I've received the exact same email in the past year, and I'm getting tired of this blatant and meaningless appeal to gullible conservatives for donations.

At the bottom of this post you will see the entire email from Mr. Delgaudio.  It is particularly odious because of the obvious disdain he has for gay people, and the extent of the fear-mongering he uses to scare conservatives into giving him money.  Even if you read just the first few lines, you'll see what I'm talking about.  The most entertaining part is the horror story Delgaudio recounts where he bravely confronts an army of men printing petitions to advance their "agenda."

Tea Party Apologizes to Keith Fimian

As we've reported here on Blue Virginia, the Tea Party Patriots are in a panic over "their" freshmen Congressmen being "co-opted" by Washington insiders and have released almost 100 of the members' personal phone numbers and emails.

It turns out that Keith Fimian and two other losing candidates were on that list, but Fimian still received hundreds of calls from Tea Partiers urging him to attend the TPP-sponsored freshman orientation.  Here is part of the latest email:

Thank you for making calls to your Congressmen-elect urging them to attend our freshman orientation this weekend.  It's time to turn off the heat.

We also need to apologize to some people.  In our haste to compile the list and get it out to you, some people who didn't win their races were incorrectly included as having won...

Specifically, we need to offer our sincere apologies to John Koster, Jesse Kelly, and Keith Fimian who ran for office and did not get elected but who were inadvertently added to our list.

Losing such a close race can't be easy for Keith Fimian.  The last thing he needs is to be pestered by a bunch of Tea Partiers.

Tea Party Releases Private Cell Numbers, Emails of “Their” New Congressmen

UPDATE: The Tea Party Patriots have backtracked on their previous request (without taking responsibility), saying "For the moment, we are asking you to stop making calls...We listed the contact information we had for these freshmen and we now know that some of it was personal cell phone numbers or fax numbers...Additionally, we are asking that if you posted these phone numbers on your Facebook page or blog, let's remove them at this point."

The Tea Party Patriots are upset that "their" newly elected Congresspeople are about to be co-opted by Washington insiders, so they have released the private cell phone numbers and email addresses of almost 100 new Congress Members.

The group had scheduled a "freshman orientation" for this weekend, sponsored by retiring Rep. John Shadegg.  But another organization, the Claremont Institute, scheduled an orientation at the same time, and is filling it with lobbyists and RNC members.  The TPP claims that Claremont is trying to pass their event off as the "official" orientation.

TPP is encouraging its members to contact these newly elected members.  The list, (which I will not post or link to here), includes the cell phone numbers and emails of almost 100 Congresspersons - and, ironically, Keith Fimian.

Don't Let Them Steal OUR New Members of Congress
Dear Fellow Patriots,

A situation has arisen with the Freshmen Orientation being sponsored by Tea Party Patriots this weekend, and we need your help.

DC insiders, the RNC, and lobbyists are already trying to push the Tea Party aside and co-opt the incoming Congressmen...

We need you to call & email these incoming Congressmen & tell them you want them to attend YOUR Tea Party Patriots event.

Fimian Still Won’t Concede – Smoke & Mirrors from Fairfax GOP

Many of us in Northern Virginia have been closely watching the results of the race between Gerry Connolly and Keith Fimian in the 11th District.  Over the past four days, election officials and volunteers from both parties have conducted a canvass - a process which takes place after every election - in which vote tallies from each precinct are examined.  

According to the State Board of Elections, the current unofficial count is at 111,695 votes for Gerry Connolly and 110,727 for Keith Fimian -- a difference of just 968 votes, or 0.43%. Fimian would be well within his right to request a recount at state expense, but does anyone think this would net him enough votes to change the outcome?  As we have seen over the past few days, canvassing has only increased the margin for Gerry Connolly.

I think that Fimian is not planning to run for anything again, so he is throwing everything he's got into this effort. What's he got to lose at this point? If he chooses not to challenge the results, he remains the loser. If he chooses to make a challenge, the worst thing that could happen is that he is, well, still the loser.

Could the Fimian campaign have something up its sleeve?  Anthony Bedell, Chairman of the Fairfax County GOP, says, "There are several developments in the Fimian - Connolly race that may call into question the accuracy of the current vote totals."  

Hurt Calls Perriello “Obama’s Lap Dog”

As expected, the Hurt campaign is attempting to monopolize on President Obama's recent visit to Charlottesville. Two things stood out to me in his email (forwarded to me by GOPUSA).  First is that he chooses to call Perriello a "lap dog."  The other thing is Hurt's claim that "liberal special interest groups" are outspending him 6 to 1.  Does that sound right to anyone down there in the 5th District?  How much are the right-wing interest groups spending by comparison?

SUBJECT: Cut Obama's Lap Dog's Leash

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Obama and Pelosi control Perriello to such an extent, you would think they have him on a leash.

The most hotly contested congressional race in the nation is right here. Two different polls show the race as either a dead heat or our being ahead of my ultra-liberal Pro-Choice opponent. Obama is so worried about my being elected to Congress and bringing my Pro-Life views to Washington, that he is coming right here, to our backyard, this weekend.

Everything Billionaires Want, Republicans Want Too

Think about it.  Here's what they want:

Tax cuts for billionaires
Anonymous, unlimited influence on elections
Sending jobs overseas
Privatize Social Security
No limits on health care costs
No environmental regulation
No corporate taxes
No capital gains tax
Corporate welfare
No oversight of Wall Street
No credit card regulation
No unions
No minimum wage

And here's what they call it:
"Free speech," "competitive sourcing," "personal accounts," "the free market," and "personal responsibility."

And if you don't support this, then you're... a socialist!

Keith Fimian Supports guns in Schools

Fast forward to about minute 4:49..


SEAGRAVES:If you're a legal owner of a firearm, should you be able to carry that firearm anywhere you want -- schools, public transportation, bars, restaurants?

FIMIAN:  ...You know, I think that at Virginia Tech, if one of those kids in one of those classrooms was packin' heat, I think that, that would not have happened.

SEAGRAVES:  It is illegal for students to carry guns into the campus...

FIMIAN:  The perpetrator of that crime would've thought twice before walking into a classroom if he thought there was any chance of someone being armed and preventing him from doing that.

Tea Party Recruiting Limbaugh Listeners to use Advanced Get Out The Vote Application

As if you needed any more proof that the Tea Party is an extreme right wing organization, they are now airing ads on the Rush Limbaugh program.  But what's scarier is the purpose of these ads:  to recruit volunteers for GOTV activities in the next week.

From their email:

If you haven't looked at our website recently, you should.  We have added some really sharp folks to our technology team and they are making great strides in improving the quality and functionality of our website.

Among the tools that have been added are Phone Lists and Walking Lists for volunteers to use to help us Get Out the Vote.

To make the most of these tools we are running ads on the Rush Limbaugh radio program all week long.  The goal is to drive volunteers to our site and have them use these tools on a local level to maximize voter turnout next Tuesday.

- Blue Virginia Sponsor -

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