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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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A Short History of Richmond

The following is a short history of Richmond, as told by Reverend Ben Campbell: Rhodes Scholar, servant leader, author of Richmond’s Unhealed History, and someone who...

Dominion’s Power Crisis: Will Socialist Monopoly Face Nightmare Scenario in 2020?

By Jeff Thomas Make no mistake about it: Dominion is facing the most serious crisis in its 110-year history. How they respond - and how readers...

The Biggest Story in Virginia Politics in 2017 Is Not What You Think

Followers of current events may have the impression that the biggest story in Virginia politics is the recent landslide election; this is undoubtedly important, but...

Dear Senator Surovell: Your Defense of Dominion’s Welfare Dependency Perfectly Illustrates the “Virginia Way”

Dear Senator Surovell, Thank you for your response to my column about how campaign contributions and a reverence for the “Virginia Way” corrupt politicians. As I...

Ralph Northam’s Campaign Praises the “Virginia Way.” Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

The Virginia Capitol, ground view. While Democrats justifiably lament the rise of fake news, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam campaign’s latest press release concludes with a...
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