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Morgan Griffith Tries to Cover Up “Chains” Rhetoric Against Obama

So, I saw this video posted on NLS, and as I watched it I clearly heard Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9) refer to the "chains of Obamacare," comparing them to the "chains of George III." Yet on Griffith's Twitter feed and also in the caption to his YouTube video, he tries to cover it up the word "chains" with "change." This is utterly laughable and pathetic.

First of all, it's clear Morgan Griffith said "chains" not change; just listen to the video, there's no question. Second, if you're still holding out for "change" over "chains," then please explain: what on earth does it mean to say the "change" of George III? Given that George III was all about the status quo, and the colonists were fighting for CHANGE, that's utterly nonsensical. Does Morgan Griffith think we're all idiots? I mean, this is like George Allen trying to claim he said "mohawk" or "caca" or a meaningless nonsense word, not the ethnic/racial slur "macaca" widely used in his mother's family's French North Africa. Do these people ever accept responsibility for anything they do?!?

The Costs of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

This is what Republicans will do if they have their way on the Affordable Care Act, increasing premiums for a family of four significantly, increasing employer costs (by about $3,000 per employee), and harm job creation (500,000-800,000 jobs per year FEWER in 2019 than WITH the law).

As if all that's not bad enough, the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates that only 18% of Americans want to repeal "all" of the health care law, while the remaining 82% either support the health care law as it is (45%), want to "wait and see" (17%), or only want to repeal "parts of it" (19%). Again, that's a tiny minority (18%) who want to do what Republicans are actually trying to do right now in the House of Representatives - outright repeal the Affordable Care Act. Which makes it so utterly laughable to hear them talking about doing what "the people" want them to do. In fact, they're doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.  

Rep. Connolly Blasts GOP Attempt to Bring Back “Pre-existing Conditions”

On the House floor earlier today, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11th) blasted the Republicans' attempt to bring back pre-existing condition restrictions on health care coverage, not to mention to open up the "doughnut hole" for seniors and to increase the deficit significantly. As always, heckuva job by the Republican'ts.

P.S. Of course, there is ZERO - nada, nil - chance that the Republicans' health care repeal effort will actually happen, so this is all just cynical "kabuki theater" and pandering to the far right wing. In fact, as recent polling indicates, only 26%-30% of Americans - the Teapublican "base" - wants to repeal health care reform, while as many as 43% actually want to change it so that it does more than it does now!  In short, Republicans are wrong on the policy, and also wrong on the politics, as they work against the clear wishes of 70% of the American people.

McEachin, Petersen, Toscano Take on Cuccinelli’s Anti-Academic Witch Hunt

Excellent job by the Richmonder getting this press conference on video. Here's Chap Petersen:
...I was very disturbed that we would have a situation which, what I would regard as a matter of academic inquiry -- whether or not climate change exists, whether or not global warming exists - would be politicized to the extent that our Attorney General would be issuing what are in effect subpoenas to individual professors and individual departments to try and collect their research notes, their emails, and other things that have to do with their research as me, professors have to have the freedom to pursue subjects, to pursue viewpoints, and...we'll make up our own minds.
Del. Toscano pointed out that there's "broad scientific consensus, not just in this country but around the world, that climate change is real, and that human activity has a lot to do with it." What Cuccinelli is doing, in Toscano's view, is "pursuing this agenda to try to get at some things that can be used in a political way to discredit those who support the notion that there is climate change going on in this world." Sen. McEachin added that "there is no civil lawyer...that has the ability to essentially issue a subpoena before articulating a cause of action."

I'm very happy to see Sen. McEachin, Sen. Petersen, and Del. Toscano fighting back against Ken Cuccinelli's wild - and wildly inappropriate - overreach of his office's powers. It's amazing, for a guy who talks so much about "tyranny" and reining in the government, how much Cuccinelli is doing it himself. Can we say "projection?"

Kaine: Webb’s “going to run” in 2012

Unless Tim Kaine is wrong, which I doubt he is on this, it looks like Jim Webb's going to run.
In a Tuesday afternoon interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, former Virginia Governor, and current Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tim Kaine said he has "no reason to believe" that Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a fellow Democrat, will not run for re-election in 2012.

"I just believe for a variety of reasons ... That he's going to run," Kaine told Mitchell, adding that he had no specific knowledge of Sen. Webb's plans.

Good news, if true. Although I've had my differences with Webb, particularly on energy/enviro issues, I think overall he's done an excellent job and also is infinitely superior to any of the Republicans running (Allen, "Sideshow Bob" Marshall, Corey Stewart, Jamie Radtke).

Meanwhile, I was quoted in the Washington Examiner about 2012. A few of my main points didn't make the article for whatever reason: 1) Webb would start this time as the incumbent, with all the advantages that entails, as opposed to Allen as the entrenched incumbent with a warchest in 2006; 2) Webb won't be at the top of the ticket this time, as it will be a presidential year, so his fortunes will depend to a significant extent on how Obama fares in Virginia this time around; 3) Allen may very well not be the Republican nominee, but if he is, he starts off with "macaca" and continues on with "macaca," because he's never fully explained or really come to terms with not just the word, but with his longstanding attitudes towards African Americans (deer head in a black family's mailbox, habitual use of the "n word," etc.); 4) 2012 will be a very different year than 2006 in terms of activist energy levels, so it will be interesting to see if Webb can recreate the "ragtag army" this time around.  Finally, with regard to Tom Perriello, my point was most definitely NOT to say that he couldn't win statewide, because I believe Tom would be a very strong statewide candidate, but simply a factual statement that he's never run statewide, while Webb and Kaine both have.

State Senate Committee Nullifies “Nullification” Amendment

Good for the State Senate!
The top priority of Virginia tea party groups was summarily killed Tuesday morning by a subcommittee of the state senate.

On a 4 to 3 party-line vote, Democrats on a subcommittee of the senate's Privileges and Election committee agreed to pass by indefinitely a bill that would have put Virginia on record supporting a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution and add a provision to allow federal laws and regulations to be invalidated by the agreement of two-thirds of state legislatures.

On his Facebook page, Sen. McEachin writes, "A hearing on the Nullification Amendment took place in a Senate P&E sub-committee today. The debate was interesting. Members of the Tea Parties were both for and against the amendment. I voted against the amendment." Thank you, Sen. McEachin!

P.S. Cooch clearly has a different view. Fortunately, he's not in charge of Virginia, although he's certainly using his perch in the Attorney General's office to make as much mischief as he possibly can (most of which will go nowhere, but waste plenty of Virginia taxpayer dollars in pursuing his witchhunts and wild geese).

Photo: “Fairfax Covered in Ice”

Thanks to Catherine S. Read for this cool photo of "Fairfax Covered in Ice." The caption: "5 am on Woodhaven Drive in Fairfax City. Everything is covered in a solid sheet of ice. Tues., Jan. 18, 2010"

Ah, freezing rain, gotta love it. Or not. Anyway, be careful out there, as a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 9 am this morning.  Also, be advised that OPM has placed the federal government in Washington, DC on a "2 hours delayed arrival" schedule; employees have the "option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework" today.

UPDATE: Schools in "Fairfax, Alexandria, Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William, Stafford and Spotsylvania County schools will be closed. Arlington County schools will open two hours late."

UPDATE #2: See the "flip" for a photo by Del. Scott Surovell (D-Mt. Vernon) of "icy trees in front of the {General Assembly Building}" in Richmond last night.

Rep. Jim Moran Proposes Banning High-Capacity Gun Magazines

I'd say the chances of this passing through Congress are about 0.00000000000000000000001%, but kudos to Jim Moran for trying, anyway. Here's what he had to say earlier today:
Since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 53 years ago, more than 1,000,000 Americans were killed in this country by guns. It is time for Congress to take steps to help better protect the public from the next madman or psychopath bent on mayhem.

Next week, I will cosponsor legislation aimed at banning high-capacity magazines like that used in the Arizona shooting. I look forward to working with my colleagues to see this sensible legislation pushed through the Congress.

By the way, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans favor banning high-capacity ammunition clips by a 57%-39% margin. Despite that sizable majority, I'd still estimate the chances of passing any major gun legislation through Congress at 0.00000000000000000000001%. The NRA's just too strong, and Democrats long ago threw in the towel on this issue. Unfortunately.

P.S. While we're on the subject of guns, click here for The Richmonder's report on this year's gun lobby rally in Richmond vs. last year's.

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