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Can Republicans Get Slimier Than Robert Hurt?


P.S. Needless to say, Stanley's been endorsed by Crazy Cooch, who says that Stanley "will work tirelessly in the Senate to promote our values." You mean, like homophobia, climate change denial, a warped/extreme reading of our constitution, obsessive pursuit of an anti-science witchhunt, and of course this? Wonderful, just what we need in the State Senate. Heckuva job, Republicans, thanks for showing us - once again - your true colors and what you stand for!

New Report: The Education Trust Blasts For-Profit “Colleges”

Anyone with questions about whether it's appropriate to have the leader of the Virginia Democratic Party lobbying - whether at the federal or state level - for the for-profit "education" industry desperately needs to read this report by The Education Trust. This group, by the way, is a respected, non-partisan, influential think tank, whose mission is "to close the gaps in opportunity and achievement that consign far too many young people-especially those from low-income families or who are black, Latino, or American Indian-to lives on the margins of the American mainstream."

In that context, The Education Trust's new report, "Subprime Opportunity: The Unfulfilled Promise of For-Profit Colleges and Universities," is utterly devastating, and should remove the last shred of doubt from anyone's mind that this industry is utterly heinous.  In short, according to The Education Trust, this industry targets "the most vulnerable Americans" and is basically a bunch of "corporations peddling access to the American dream but delivering little more than crippling debt."  No wonder why the for-profit "education" industry has been condemned by everyone from the United Negro College Fund to Senators Jim Webb and Dick Durbin to a blistering FRONTLINE expose to a report by Senator Tom Harkin to the Obama Administration goes on and on.

What does this new report conclude? A few highlights (actually, lowlights of this dirtbag industry):

*"Today's low-income and minority students, seeking college degrees in record numbers, are recruited aggressively by for-profit colleges."
*"For-profit tuition is higher than at public institutions, and once grant aid is taken into account, unmet need is even higher than at private nonprofit colleges and universities."
*"Students borrow heavily, resulting in heavy debt burden and high loan defaults, which indicates that few end up with a marketable degree or credential."

As if all that's not bad enough, this report concludes that the for-profit "education" industry makes "the rich, richer and the poor, poorer," providing "highcost degree programs that have little chance of leading to high-paying careers," "[saddling] the most vulnerable students with heavy debt," and "[paving] a path into the subbasement of the American economy."

Fox News Won’t Show This Ad or Let “You Decide”

What's Faux "News" afraid of, refusing to show this ad, aren't they the self-proclaimed "we report you decide" people?  Of course, as most of us know, they are actually the "we distort, you deride" people, and rightfully so. For lots more derision, click here.  Oh, and Congress: End "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Now!

Hey Republicans: Repeal Your OWN Health Care!

If you agree with CREDO Action that Republican whining about having to wait for their government-sponsored health care is too much hypocrisy to stomach, and that Republicans should - for once! - practice what they preach, then please click here and tell BONEr, McConnell, Can'tor et al, repeal your OWN damn health care!  Something tells me they won't, but it's worth pointing out their outrageous hypocrisy on this issue (as on so many others).

Perdue and the Bay: Environment VA Calls on EPA to Curb Poultry Pollution

From Environment Virginia:
Richmond (November 23, 2010) -  As EPA and the states finalize plans for cleaning up the Bay, Environment Virginia released a report examining the role of corporate agribusinesses across the country - including Perdue - in the pollution of America's waterways like the Chesapeake Bay.  Environment Virginia called for EPA and the states to ensure that companies like Perdue take full responsibility for the waste generated by their chickens.

In one of 8 national case studies, the report found that the 538 million chickens raised on the Delmarva peninsula - many of them owned by Perdue - generate 1.1 billion pounds of chicken litter every year.  When chicken manure runs off into nearby waters, it contributes to the staggering dead zone plaguing the Bay.

"It's time for Perdue - and other industrial producers - to take responsibility for the massive scale of waste that comes from their chickens," said Sarah Driscoll, Environment Virginia State Associate. "We won't have a clean Bay until they do."


11 “Democrats” Who Should Never Serve in Congress Again

On Thursday, November 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly (258-154) to approve the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act. Good news, right? Well, no, unfortunately, because under whatever arcane rule (actually, "suspension of the rules") of the House this emergency legislation was brought up for a vote, it required a 2/3 majority to pass.

Given how extreme their party is these days, Republicans voted 143-21 against extending unemployment benefits for 3 months, to the end of February 2011. That's inexcusable, but it's not surprising given the current state of the Republican Party, sad to say. Meanwhile, Democrats voted overwhelmingly - by a 237-11 margin - in favor of extending the unemployment benefits. Thank you to the 237 Democrats who voted "yea," including Virginians Rick Boucher, Gerry Connolly, Tom Perriello, and Bobby Scott (Jim Moran didn't vote). But wait, you say, there were actually 11 "Democrats" who voted against emergency extension of unemployment benefits? What the @#@#$@?  

Yes, it's true. Fortunately, 8 of these "Democrats in Name Only" - Berry, Boyd, Bright, Lincoln Davis, Hill, Minnick, Nye, Taylor - will not be returning to do any more damage come January 2011. Good riddance. Unfortunately, 3 of them - Cooper, Peterson, Shuler - will be returning. That's too bad, but at least it's not a large number. Still, none of these 11 "Democrats" - the 8 who lost and the 3 who managed to hang on - should ever serve in Congress again (note: it's not just this vote, it's pretty much everything). Either that, or they should switch to the Republican Party, which is where anyone who would vote against an emergency extension of unemployment benefits in the midst of a nasty recession - and right before the holidays - belongs.

P.S. That includes Glenn Nye, who's reportedly thinking about running again in 2012. I sincerely hope that 2nd CD Democrats find a real Democrat to run instead. They have a little over a year to do that - good luck!

P.P.S. Needless to say, none of the Republicans who voted "nay" should be returned to Congress ever again. That includes Virginians Eric Can'tor, Randy Forbes, Bob Goodlatte, Rob Wittman, and supposed "moderate" Frank Wolf.

UPDATE: I just realized that Boyd and Hill voted for both "cap and trade" and health care reform. Yes, they're still generally conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats, but they're not all bad it seems.

No, We Will Not “Coalesce” Around Glenn Nye in 2012

So, it turns out that Glenn Nye is seriously considering running again in 2012.
"I'm still considering running again," Nye told The Virginian-Pilot. "I think there's some things that took place in this election which indicated a strong possibility of my being able to win in 2012. But I don't feel the need to rush a decision."
Nye also claims that he's "still proud to be a Democrat," even though he just finished a campaign in which he bashed top Democratic priorities and leadership. But sure, we believe you Glenn!

More Nye wisdom: "I'm afraid right now we are in a time when extremists are the decision makers in this country." Riiiight, so Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are "extremists," in Nye's view?  He might be calling John BONEr and Eric Can'tor "extremists" as well, but since he uses the present tense when he says "are the decision makers in this country," it's hard to believe he's referring to anyone but the Democrats, who last I checked controlled the White House and Congress. Apparently, Nye believes that Bob Dole's 1993 Republican alternative health care reform legislation, which Democrats essentially adopted earlier this year, is "extremist." Same thing with the Reagan administration conservative, market-based "cap and trade" idea.  And Nye wonders why he alienates "the base," aka "the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party?" What an imbecile.

Finally, per the Washington Post's comment that "it's not clear whether everyone in the party would coalesce around Nye as the best candidate," I can say categorically right now: NO WE WILL NOT COALESCE AROUND GLENN NYE IN 2012! Sorry for the "all caps," but Glenn Nye's pretty dense so I wanted to make sure he heard that.

Peter Rousselot: “Contest Every Seat!”

From the Peter Rousselot for DPVA chair campaign:
Dear Fellow DPVA Central Committee Member,

By now, I hope you have read my plan for DPVA. More importantly, I now have had the opportunity to talk with more and more of you individually. You have been telling me how dissatisfied you have been with what you see as the lack of sufficient help and encouragement from DPVA to recruit and encourage candidates to contest races for the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates.

Your message is clear. It's great to have a fair process to choose certain races for special attention and targeting. But DPVA is leaving Virginia Democrats in all the other races to fend for themselves, sink or swim.

I realize that DPVA has to set priorities and allocate its resources accordingly. Right now, until it raises a lot more money, neither DPVA nor the Democratic Senate or House caucus leadership can provide significant financial assistance to candidates in non-targeted races.

But here's what DPVA can and should do for all official Democratic Senate and HOD candidates:

- Blue Virginia Sponsor -

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