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Mitch McConnell Demonstrates the Utter Bankruptcy of the Republican Party

Bottom line: Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party have no answer to the simple question, "how will you make up the lost revenue from cutting taxes?" The fact is, these people are in complete denial, and will drive our country into utter bankruptcy with their fanatic belief in "supply side" ideology. Now, just to be clear, this isn't about the merits (or lack thereof) of cutting taxes, this is about doing so without making up the lost revenues, thereby exploding the deficit. And to that, the Republicans have absolutely no answer. Just keep that mind when you go the polls this November.

Washington Post Corporate Hacks Defend the Indefensible

Anyone who doubted the Washington Post was nothing more than a bunch of corporate whores hacks, I refer you to this morning's editorial on for-profit "education". Pay careful attention to the second paragraph.
THE OBAMA administration is considering rules that could sharply limit the availability of for-profit colleges to American students. The government is right to fashion reasonable regulation to discourage fraud or misleading practices, but it would be wrong to impose rules that remove an option that is especially useful for poor and working students.

Readers should know that we have a conflict of interest regarding this subject. The Washington Post Co., which owns the Post newspaper and washingtonpost.com, also owns Kaplan University and other for-profit schools of higher education that, according to company officials, could be harmed by the proposed regulations.

Right, kudos to the Post for doing what they should and disclosing this information, but why should we listen to one word they have to say on this subject? I mean, as the Post's own ombudsman points out this morning, Kaplan has an "outsize importance to the overall bottom line" of the Washington Post, accounting for "62 percent of The Post Co.'s total second-quarter revenues." But now, just because the Post discloses the information, we're supposed to give them a pass to defend the indefensible, namely the for-profit, ripoff-the-taxpayer, "education" industry? The short answer is "no." The longer answer is "hell no."  End of story.

Now, if you want to learn something about what the Kaplan Times Washington Post is defending, check out Chris Cuomo's expose on the subject, featuring our old pal (and Jim Webb's 2006 Democratic primary opponent) Harris "Shiller" Miller (who the Post endorsed, by the way). Learn how these companies are nothing more than "marketing machines, masquerading as universities," how they rip off the taxpayer to the tune of billions of dollars per year, how they deceive prospective students, then saddle them with massive debt and worthless degrees, how they even recruit homeless people, etc., etc. After you've read all that, then perhaps you can put the Kaplan Times Post editorial in the proper context. In other words, the garbage can.

UPDATE: An attorney friend of mine points out that the Post should do what judges do in cases like this - recuse themselves. Just as it's not sufficient for the judge to say, "I have a conflict, now let's proceed with the case," it's not sufficient for the Post to say, "we have a conflict, now here's our editorial anyway." Lame.

“This Fall Our Choice Is Clear”

The question is, will people get fooled again or not? Democrats aren't perfect, but Republicans are a disaster. Those are the choices, which will you choose?

P.S. As far as the ad itself is concerned, the question is whether the specter of George W. Bush will be enough to motivate Democratic voters. I'm not confident on that front, but it's probably worth trying anyway.

What Does “nanotechnology” Have to Do With Being Jewish? Ask George Allen!

I'm glad to hear that George Allen has finally come to terms with his Jewish heritage. If he had been able to do that during the 2006 Senate campaign, instead of lashing out at the reporter (Peggy Fox) who asked him about it (as "making aspersions" on him), maybe he'd still be in the "wounded sea slug" Senate today. But, as we know, that's not what happened.

Anyway, it's good to see Allen talking about his heritage, speaking out against anti-Semitism, and even blowing the shofar. Just one question, though: what does "nanotechnology" (Allen said he found his Jewish heritage "interestingly positive" "because I majored in history and have been a leader for nanotechnology") have to do with being Jewish?  Maybe because a Jewish scientist first introduced the concept? Other than that, I'm baffled; any ideas?

Cantor Admits that Virginia’s Budget Surplus Largely a Result of “Stimulus”

As is usually the case with Republican'ts these days, most of what Eric Can'tor says here is "on message" lying blather Republican talking points about how the "stimulus" has failed to create jobs. Whether that's true or not, it's hard to say, but for its part, the Obama administration says the stimulus saved or created 3.6 million jobs. My guess is the correct answer is somewhere in between Can'tor's "zero" and the White House's "3.6 million."  

Anyway, whether or not the stimulus worked or not wasn't Ryan Nobles' question. Instead, his question was what role the stimulus played in Virginia's budget situation.  The answer: "last year I think the state received somewhere around $3 billion of stimulus monies." That's right, $3 billion with a "b." What was Virginia's budget "surplus" - not counting robbing state pension funds and "restoring nearly $1 billion in state aid to localities cut from the budget, forcing cities and counties statewide to either raise local taxes, to curtail some services or begin charging fees for them" - again? That's right, just $404 million ("million" with an "m" not a "b"). So, quick math: $404 million minus $1 billion equals a budget deficit of $596 million without the stimulus money, and an even worse deficit without shafting the VRS, state employees and Virginia localities. This is more than "smoke and mirrors" on steroids, it's complete dishonesty, falsehood, duplicity, and any other synonym you can think of for "lying."  I guess they didn't teach Bob McDonnell morality and ethics at good ol' Pat Robertson's university.

Barack Obama: “No Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy”

The full transcript is here. "Bull Moose" fan that I am, I liked the line, "Let's not forget that a century ago, it was a Republican President - Teddy Roosevelt - who first tried to tackle the issue of corporate influence on our elections." Also, Abraham Lincoln fan that I am, this line was a good one too: "This is an issue that goes to whether or not we will have a democracy that works for ordinary Americans - a government of, by, and for the people."

Jon Stewart on Fox News as “Terrorist Command Center”

To review:
Here's Rupert Murdoch.  He owns Fox News. Now, he definitely has ties to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Al-Waleed bin Talal owns the second largest share of NewsCorp, outside of the Murdoch family. He owns 7%, $2.5 billion dollars.  Now, they say he's a liberal Muslim, but he is in the Saudi royal family, which may have ties to funding the Wahhabist mosques, the same particular brand of Islam practiced by some of the terrorists.  And he may have business dealings with the Carlyle Group, whose clients include... bin Laden family, one of whose sons, now obviously I'm not going to say which son, one of whose sons may be anti-American. I'm just connecting this, I'm just reading off the highlighted card.

By the way, after 9/11, Mayor Rudy Giuliani would not... after 9/11, Rudy Giuliani would not accept $10 million from the same Prince Al-Waleed, because he had cited Mideast policy as one of the reasons that we were attacked, which is the same reason they said that the imam down at the Ground Zero mosque was a radical.

So I think that, really, when you look at this card, and you do highlight it in yellow, the only thing you can come up with is: Is Fox News a terrorist command center?  I don't know.  I just don't know.  I'm just saying that you can draw this up.

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