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Bill Clinton on Tea Party, Obama Getting His “Groove” Back

The discussion of the "Tea Party insurrection," as Bill Clinton calls it, is from around 7:30 to  about 9:42.  The discussion of President Obama and how he's "getting his groove back" goes from about 10:00 to 12:50 or so.  Also, at about 13:35-13:40 Clinton says it would increase President Obama's chances for reelection if the Democrats lose the House of Representatives in November, but also that it might not be good for the country.  As always, Bill Clinton is an astute political analyst/junkie, well worth listening to.

Bob McDonnell Shares Stage With Extremists

Yesterday, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell spoke to the American Taliban freak show known as the Values Voter Summit 2010.  Just to give you a flavor of who Bob McDonnell was sharing the stage with, here are a few highlights:

*Bryan Fischer, who among other things believes that homosexuals were specially selected by Hitler because they would be more "savage, brutal and vicious" than "straight soldiers." Fischer also believes that Muslims shouldn't serve in the U.S. military or even be allowed to immigrate into the United States. Total hatemonger.

*Mat Staver, Dean of the  Liberty University School of Law, says that "he does not believe Obama is the Antichrist, but he can see how others might," that those who express such insane beliefs "are expressing a concern and a fear that is widely shared."  I wonder if Bob McDonnell and Mat Staver swung by the booths of their respective schools while they were at the conference.

*Rush's brother David Limbaugh, a "birther" who says that Barack Obama is a "messianic" "narcissist" who "truly believes he is a god with a small g." Can we say "psychological projection?"

*Republican U.S. Senate nominee from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, an anti-masturbation activist, creationist, and "witchcraft" afficionado.

*The utterly bizarre Dr. Ergun Caner, former Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, who canned as Dean by Liberty because "accounts of his upbringing, his knowledge of Islam, his qualifications and his role as an Christian apologist have been questioned."

*Lila Rose, an "anti-choice crusader" who has "devoted her considerable media savvy to depriving other women of their reproductive rights."

*Anti-gay hatemonger Tony Perkins, who was recently demolished by David Boies on "Face the Nation." Check it out, and ask Bob McDonnell if he agrees more with Perkins or with Boies?

Teams DeLay and Boehner Pull Together for 8th CD Republican Nominee

Well, isn't this just lovely?
[John] McCain is the headline attraction at Monday night's fundraiser for [Patrick] Murray, a former U.S. Army colonel now mounting a long-shot bid to unseat Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D). The event will be held at the Alexandria home of Susan and David Hirschmann. Susan Hirschmann is a lobbyist with Williams & Jensen who served as top aide to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) when DeLay was House Majority Whip, while David Hirschmann is a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The host committee also includes Charlie Black, a former McCain presidential campaign adviser and head of the lobbying form Prime Policy Group; Altria lobbyist Bruce Gates and his wife Joyce Gates, a former chief of staff to current House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)

If you need a reminder of what an corrupt slimeball Tom DeLay was, click here. As for John BONEr, see here for how he is "tightly bound to lobbyists." And Patrick Murray seriously thinks this is going to play in liberal, good-government Arlington and Alexandria?  I mean, hell, why don't Republicans just nominate Tom DeLay himself, the guy lives in Alexandria after all?

P.S. In stark contrast, Jim Moran is having a fundraiser with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore.  

Barack Obama: “The Republican Corporate Power Grab”

"The President explains how the most dire warnings about the Citizens United case have been proven valid."

Thou Shalt Not Kill?

So much for that commandment, at least as far as Bob McDonnell is concerned, as he proceeds with the execution of a borderline retarded woman. I also agree with NLS that dropping this announcement at 7:01 pm on a Friday evening, when nobody's paying attention, is about as cowardly as you can get. Unfortunately, that's our governor, Mr. "Values Voter" and Pat Robertson's Manchurian Candidate. Ugh.

Where Is Robert Hurt?

Where is Robert Hurt? Hiding under a rock, apparently, terrified to come out and debate Tom Perriello. What a tough guy!  

Why Mark Warner Wins Elections

Maybe he's not the most inspiring speaker. Maybe he doesn't have the optimal positions on the environment or other issues.  The point is, Mark Warner hustles his butt off, keeps in touch with everyone, nurtures his networks, and wins wins WINS elections (in fairness, he also has a lot of money, but that doesn't negate all the other things Warner does).  That's how it's done, and that's how it should be done to a large extent.  I remember when I went on his campaign kickoff "flyaround" in 2008, the guy knew peoples' names, their kids names, their dogs' names, whatever.  Whatever else you think about Mark Warner, that's impressive.

P.S. A highly observant friend of mine points out that one of the newspaper front pages has the headline, "Poll: GOP Ahead." Perhaps Warner's staff might have folded that paper a bit differently?  :)

Paul Goldman: “Did McDonnell’s office just dare Democrats to put ABC referendum on the...

Another interesting column by Paul Goldman on Bob McDonnell's ill-conceived, half-baked ABC privatization plan.
The challenge comes from his top spokesman as reported by Washington Post reporter and blogger Anita Kumar in her latest posting.

In the rules of politics, McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin, a friend and a good guy, just dared Democrats to put an ABC referendum on the ballot.

Here's why.

Delegate  Joe Morrissey, the House Democratic whip, came out yesterday against the Governor's plan, for many of the reasons any number of other groups/delegate/senators have also indicated having serious reservations about the proposal.

In addition, the beer and wine wholesalers, big supporters of candidate McDonnell last year, also came out against the plan as being fiscally flawed and favoring the big guys over the little guys, a point made by many small business owners.

Given that such opposition was surely expected by McDonnell and his staff, one would expect the normal response, this is part of the ritual dance here.


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