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Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Northrop Grumman Goes Non-Metro-Friendly

File this one in the "unsurprising but still pathetic" category. As the superb blog, Greater Greater Washington writes, "Northrop Grumman chose a suburban office park for its new corporate headquarters, rather than a Metro-friendly location...At least all their employees used to Los Angeles traffic will feel right at home."

Hey, here's an idea: Northrop Grumman should give free bottled water - Bob McDonnell's latest assault on the environment - to every employee who drives a gas guzzler to work everyday and contributes to our region's horrendous traffic, air pollution, etc. Just to emphasize how anti-environment (and "business friendly," of course) they are, you know? (snark)

Scott Brown Enrages Tea Partiers, Campaigns for Rob Wittman

Sen. Scott Brown's coming to campaign - actually, raise money - for Rep. Rob Wittman (R-1). The only problem is, if you check out Brown's Facebook page, the "tea partiers" are extremely pissed at him for his announced decision to vote for financial reform legislation. Here's a sampling, typos (e.g, "rhino" instead of "RINO," "you're" instead of "your", etc., etc.) included.

*"Dear Senator Brown, You are a deceitful man, a "rhino"... a snake in the grass..... you're kind will pay in November... ..l., _ ,.l.."

*"Senator Brown, you are a disgrace to the GOP. You are part of the problem. I hope the voters of Mass. vote your sorry butt out and replace you with a REAL fiscal conservative. You are part of the reason why the Tea Parties exist! Electing you was a HUGE mistake."

*"Scott, you are just another RINO. I supported your campaign and I now regret it. I wish I had my $ 100.00 donation back."

*"Scott you have let us down. 2012 is coming sooner than you think!!!"

*"You have lost my support."

For what it's worth, I strongly support Brown's decision to back President Obama's financial reform legislation. I strongly encourage him to also support comprehensive, clean energy and climate legislation. Thank you Scott Brown, and enjoy the 1st CD of Virginia!  Ha.

I Agree With Remy, There’s Nothing Like Falafel!

The only question is, do you spell it "falafal" or "falafel?"  Regardless, I'm greatly looking forward to the release of Remy's album, by Comedy Central Records, on September 14. I think I'll go out and celebrate either at this place or this one or maybe even this one. Go Remy and Go Falafel!

Hypocrite Cantor Holds Yet Another Stimulus-Powered Job Fair

Can we say shameless hypocrisy?
House Minority Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been one of the Recovery Act's most vocal critics. After whipping his caucus into uniformly opposing the stimulus, Cantor has been the lead spokesman decrying the program as a failure. Ignoring evidence that that the stimulus is helping to turn around the economy, Cantor repeatedly says that it is "failing" to "create jobs."

As ThinkProgress reported last year, despite his withering attacks on the stimulus, Cantor hosted two job fairs filled with employers hiring directly because of stimulus grants and programs. Tomorrow, Cantor intends to again host a job fair stimulated by jobs made possible through the Recovery Act

So, does this make Cantor a socialist communist Obama-loving liberalliberalliberal or what?

Toddy Puller Needs More “Seasoning?”

I always get a good laugh out of the Arlington Sun Gazette's meanderings and musings, and today was certainly no exception. Check out this howler, regarding the "spat" between Del. Scott Surovell (D) and Sen. Toddy Puller (D) on the one hand, and three Democratic members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on the other hand, over funding for the Route 1 corridor.
Who wins this war of words? Well, the three supervisors generally are seen as serious folks, while Puller and Surovell probably need a little more seasoning before they are taken completely seriously in the legislature. But that doesn't mean that the truth couldn't lie somewhere in the middle of the two polar-opposite positions.
OK, now, I can buy that my friend Scott Surovell might - just MIGHT - need a bit more "seasoning," given that he's a freshman in the House of Delegates (although Scott is brilliant, an extremely hard worker, and super capable).  But Toddy Puller?  Here's a bit of information on this wet-behind-the-ears State Senator from her official website.
Toddy Puller was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1991 where she served for eight years. In 1999, she was elected to the Virginia Senate's 36th District and was re-elected in 2003 and 2007.
So, let's see -- in the Arlington Sun Gazette editor's opinion, being in the General Assembly for 19 years still leaves you needing more "seasoning." Of course, this was the same guy who endorsed George Allen over Jim Webb in 2006, so what else would you expect.

Official Virginia Recovery Act Website Not Updated Since Kaine Was Governor

I thought you all would enjoy a look at Virginia's official Recovery Act state website. Apparently, it hasn't been updated since January, when Tim Kaine was still Governor, even though a lot of recovery funding is still coming to the state. I'll leave it to all of you to interpret why this might be...

Robert Hurt Is a Sarah Palin Republican

Not that this is a big surprise, but still interesting:
Democrats are pleased that Palin chose Hurt as one of the candidates benefiting from her $87,500 in donations this quarter because they believe she fires up their own base. Now they can goad Hurt into saying whether Palin will come campaign for him in the 5th District.

It's not the first political celebrity to get involved in the race. Both Laura Ingraham and Joe The Plumber backed Laurence Verga, an early conservative favorite who flamed out before the primary.

Let's just hope Palin has as much success with her candidate of choice as Laura Ingraham and "Joe" the "Plumber" had with theirs! LOL

Whipple Clip Dozen: Monday Morning

Thanks to Tom Whipple for the Monday "Clips." Also, thanks for a good laugh for commenting, "It is clear from the compilation below that the Commonwealth has run out of news and insightful editorial comment. Will all you reporters and editors out there please try harder to find some for tomorrow and will the rest of you please try to do or say something significant to make some?"  Yeah, it's really quiet in Virginia politics right now. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Fairfax County Democratic Board Fires Back at Surovell, Puller

A week ago, the headline at NLS was "Toddy Puller and Scott Surovell Take On Democratic Board in Fairfax County." The subject of the story was Puller's and Surovell's Washington Post op-ed, "A fair shake for Fairfax's other business corridor."  In sum, Puller and Surovell made the case for Fairfax County to divide up resources more evenly between the Silver Line/Tysons Corner and the Richmond Highway Corridor (U.S. Route 1), asking, "When will the focus -- and the money -- shift our way?"

Well, today they received their response in the form of another Washington Post op-ed, this one by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova, plus two other Democratic Supervisors (Jeff McKay, Gerry Hyland). According to Bulova et al., the op-ed by Puller and Surovell was "simply mind-boggling," "unbelievable," and "pit[ting] one end of the county against the other, and the county against the state."  As the expression goes, "dem dere's fightin' words."

To the contrary, the Fairfax County Board Democratic members write, "While the transformation of Tysons Corner has received quite a lot of media attention as the Comprehensive Plan Amendment has worked its way through the approval process, there has been no less commitment to other needs in the county, especially in the Richmond Highway Corridor."  They point out that "Fairfax County's State Secondary Fund allocation has dwindled from $29.4 million in 2004 to a measly $1,989 this year -- not even enough to install a traffic light." And they suggest that Puller and Surovell "turn their attention toward becoming real partners for transportation funding...start[ing] with getting the Virginia Department of Transportation to repave Route 1 and cut the grass in the medians throughout Fairfax County."

So, the battle is joined in Fairfax County. Anyone else care to weigh in?

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