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Mark Warner Demonstrates How Not to Make the Case for DEMOCRATIC Candidates.

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Sep 04, 2012 at 09:34:03 AM EDT

You need to watch this video to see what a "strong" statement of support US Senator Mark Warner (Yes, D-VA) gives for president Obama (not!).  In the video, Warner addresses Democrats rallying in Buena Vista, VA. First, he toots his own horn, "For 20 years I've been coming almost every year to Buena Vista to kick off the fall campaign..."

He then admits it's "One of the most important" campaigns. It determines, "What kind of campaigns we're going to have going forward." But "it doesn't help Democracy when we've got millions of negative campaign ads from folks we don't know tearing each other down." Here we go on the false equivalence again.

At the end of these sixty four days, our country's  going to have to come together. True.  But Warner is actually acting sanctimonious here and trying to elevate himself as better than anyone else.

"I personally hope that President Obama is going to be re-elected," said Warner. "But whether you vote for President Obama or Governor Romney...." My God, he is at a Democratic rally.  He hopes, but doesn't explain why its so important to re-elect President Obama. Can he not make a better case than that.  I could and I am not even a politician. I have not been in the US Senate, sent there by the hard work of the DEMOCRATIC Party and people like us.  

Warner became governor on our backs. His campaign was one of the hardest I ever worked on. We poured it on. We fought for every single vote.  And you'd better believe he wasn't talking the false equivalence then.

KathyinBlacksburg :: Mark Warner Demonstrates How Not to Make the Case for DEMOCRATIC Candidates.
He said something like (audio isn't clear) "Let's let the candidates yell back and forth..."  "I'm not running for anything this year."  So, is he saying he isn't going to make the case for President Obama?

He launches into more Republican talking points in his "over the cliff" and debt talk, ignoring that the GOP pledge to not let the president succeed.  The GOP also played brinksmanship these past eighteen months concerning the debt. Yes, the nation's debt is important. But Warner"s got things really backwards. You have to put people BACK to work in real Middle Class jobs before you engage in massive debt reduction.  Even then, draconian austerity isn't appropriate when ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich will solve much of the problem. Ending the war in Afghanistan and not pumping up another war will help.  And President Obama's reform of health care will also bring down the deficit.

Then Warner says (after the election) we're going to "Check our Republican and Democrat hats..." and refers to not wanting "Democrat" solutions or Republican solutions. Well, no, Mark, you better  not (check your Democratic hat at the door). You are still supposed to caucus with Democrats vote most of the time with Democrats. Or, do you have other ideas? Notice he has embraced the GOP rename of the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" Party. It isn't the first time.

We all know we have to work together after the election (duh). However, every time the President offered what Republicans asked for, the GOP moved the goal post. The truth is if he were to be in the presidency, Warner would have given up a lot more ground than the already too-much ground President Obama offered. Compromise is good, but it should not come only from one side. Say that!

Give President Obama credit for trying to work with Republicans. Tell the truth about what really happened. You cannot deal with extremists in the same way you can work with Republicans such as the ones You, Senator Warner, dealt with when there were still a few moderates in the Virginia Senate. They are not there in Richmond anymore.  And they are not in Congress either.

One more time, Senator Warner. You can do better than this. I have heard you do it, though not recently. You are supposed to have the President's back. This is the week of our convention and there you are wearing your No Labels hat while using Republican frames. Make the case for the President. He deserves it and so do we of the DEMOCRATIC Party who put you where you are.  You are not a self-made pol.  We built that.  And We are from the DEMOCRATIC party.

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Democrat Party (0.00 / 0)
Can you tell me why the Republicans now call the Democratic Party the Democrat Party?  It's obviously incorrect usage, and it is frequently spit out almost as a slur. Even the most senior Republicans have adopted the term.  

As usual... (0.00 / 0)
Wikipedia has the answer:
"Democrat Party" is a political epithet used in the United States instead of "Democratic Party" when talking about the Democratic Party.[1] The term has been used in negative or hostile fashion by conservative commentators and members of the Republican Party in party platforms, partisan speeches and press releases since 1940.[2]

Multiple reasons are suggested for the use of the term. A 1984 New York Times article suggested Republicans began to use the term when Democrats used their own party name to imply "they are the only true adherents of democracy."[3] Republicans "feared that 'Democratic' suggested Democrats [had] a monopoly on or are somehow the anointed custodians of the concept of democracy."[4] New Yorker commentator Hendrik Hertzberg wrote, "There's no great mystery about the motives behind this deliberate misnaming. 'Democrat Party' is a slur, or intended to be-a handy way to express contempt. Aesthetic judgments are subjective, of course, but 'Democrat Party' is jarring verging on ugly. It fairly screams 'rat.'"[5] Political analyst Charlie Cook attributed modern use of the term to force of habit rather than a deliberate epithet by Republicans.[6] Ruth Marcus stated that Republicans likely only continue to employ the term because Democrats dislike it.[7] Marcus stated that disagreements over use of the term are "trivial",[7] and Hertzberg calls use of the term "a minor irritation" and also "the partisan equivalent of flashing a gang sign."[5] Theologian William Dinges, however, argues:

Names and labels count in public discourse. They have social and political consequences. They carry residual imaginative meaning and shape how we remember and perceive something. The power to name is the power to define. The power to define is the power to socially locate and designate and (in some cases) to condemn what is labeled deviant or nonnormative.[8]

Similar two-word phrases, using "Democrat" as an adjective have been deemed controversial when used as a substitute for "Democratic" (as in "Democrat idea"); NPR has banned the use of "Democrat" as an adjective.[9] The term "Democrat Party" was in common use with no negative connotations by Democrats in some localities during the 1950s.[10] The Dictionary of American Regional English gives numerous examples of "Democrat" being used as an adjective in everyday speech, especially in the Northeast.[11]

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I want to point out... (4.00 / 2)
This isn't a Democratic Party rally. Its the speeches hosted by town/parade host committee after the parade...its a crowd of Dems, Repubs and sounds like the Dems had a good showing- lots of people from the parade.

As for the rest of your content, he's been talking about the tone/tenor of our campaigns for years. I see this as nothing different than what he's been saying. Now for the dialect - i had a hard time telling if he was saying 'Democrat' or 'Democratic' - its how he talks.

Part of me feels like this is just another post to gripe about MRW...but there is nothing new here in what he said.

Warner does this all the time... (2.00 / 2)
...and he needs to be called out on it. Great job by Kathy in doing so!

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[ Parent ]
Every time... (2.00 / 3)
Call him out. He needs to know that we are watching and don't like it when he does this. +1 on your comment. And Kathy keep up the good work!

"A liberal is someone who believes in life before death." Henry Howell, July 1969

[ Parent ]
However (4.00 / 2)
it was a non-partisan event.  So, while Mark does tend to play the radical centrist hand too often, in this case it was acceptable and, in fact, the right tack to make.

[ Parent ]
The problem is, Warner does this kind of thing (1.00 / 1)
all the time. It's not helpful to Democrats, and I don't even think he needs to do it for himself, but that's his "shtick" and his "brand" ("radical centrist," Warner has no clue what it means of course, but he thinks it sounds good for whatever reason).

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[ Parent ]
As Lowell said, this is one of a number of times... (0.00 / 1)
But right now he should make the case.  We have a strong case.  Every time he misses an opportunity to make it, our folks have to wonder why?  Make no false equivalence. You can bet that GOP candidates make their case.  

PS He did better at Bobby Scott's rally later yesterday than the post above. The video is here.  In the video (at last) he tells a few things the President accomplished. But it is still much too timid. I am not suggesting anything so strong it would put Mark at odds with moderate voters. I am suggesting he stand behind the President in the face of the attacks on him.  Shame the GOP for doing what they have been doing.  

I am also saying he should be able to tick off at least 10, or even 20, administration accomplishments in rapid fire rhetoric. No, the main issue is not the debt.  That is the song of Pete Peterson and the Republicans, designed to make Americans believe they have to give up everything so the wealthy can have more goodies and Mitt can have many more houses, another tax haven and another car elevator.  It is the song of protecting the rich. The debt has gotten worse and worse because the Congress, spurred on by G. W. Bush, didn't pay for tax cuts disproportionately helping the rich at the expense of everyone else.

The debt is also from two wars, one of which Obama ended and another of which he is winding down. This is important: Bush ran those two wars off the books. Obama believed in honest accounting and put them ON the books so the nation would have an honest look (even if it hurt himself).  Then the GOP blames him for the debt. The TARP, the stimulus, the auto bailout, the wars, all of it was due to the spendthrift Bush administration.

The solution is not to eliminate the Middle Class through draconian austerity. It is not to wipe out seniors, children, the sick.  It is not to make Social Security a program only for the poor.  We paid into the system.  Protect it  for all generations, don't compromise it Protect it by not shielding incomes above $106,000 from paying FICA taxes. The solution is for the wealthy to pay their fair share after excess profiteering at our expense. What they do is not free enterprise.  It is vulture capitalism. It is not the kind of capitalism than produces goods and sells real products. Mitt Romney is the king of debt.  It's true.  Say it. That is not what America should aspire to. We do not need a debt creator like Mitt Romney as president.  

Warner needs to defend, not just Medicare, but Social Security. Not just education, but child health, not just entrepreneurship but also workership. Working is honorable.  It deserves a living wage, not a minimum wage (or sometimes less) that cannot sustain a family. It is making sure, as the President has, that when the ACA is fully implemented no one can go broke because of their medical bills.

The GOP talks about family values. Real family values require our candidates to understand that forced needless brutal austerity for the 99% could be averted by just slightly reversing the handouts to the rich at everyone else's expense. Putting the marginal tax rates for the top bracket of tax payers back just four percent would go a long way. No one is even talking about gong back to the pre-Clinton days when the rich paid much, much more. And we all know how the rich prospered during the Clinton era. But they did so as the Middle class did well too. The poor did better than they do with major cuts to services because the GOP doesn't want to fund anything for ordinary people.

Wouldn't it be great if Mark actually looked at a progressive economists' data once in a while. We have hundreds of such economists, thousands even.  But instead he only quotes one ruthless partisan, Pete Peterson, a Wall Streeter, who founded "Americans for Prosperity." He helped bankroll the Tea Party. In the footage in this comment, Mark mildly criticizes the Tea Party, but uses some of the language of its sponsor.  

The Peterson propaganda is everywhere. It is on the pages of the Washington Post (more on that in another diary). Americans for Prosperity is everywhere on television and radio airwaves. But that organization doesn't want all Americans to prosper.  It is geared to rich Americans getting richer at the public trough. Why would any Democratic Senator talk like Pete Peterson?

There's nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos (Jim Hightower). PS I'm on Twitter here.

[ Parent ]
How about if Mark Warner talked like Madeleine Albright (0.00 / 0)
once in a while? :)

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[ Parent ]
Right. And, (0.00 / 0)
He should give all the reasons why voting Republican is voting against 99% of voters' interests.  Mark could expand on the virtues of paying your fair share, of not riding roughshod over the 99%.  It is pro-American to pay your taxes, after all. Few of us likes doing it.  But it is the right thing to do rather than concoct tax avoidance schemes involving offshore banks. The "right" lectures us on patriotism and then sabotages the US by undermining its economy. PS Democrats did not meet in secret to undermine the economy of George W. Bush.  The GOP did that to us (to ALL Americans) during the Obama presidency. Telling that story is telling the truth and it is not "going negative."

There's nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos (Jim Hightower). PS I'm on Twitter here.

[ Parent ]
Mark: One of the 1% (0.00 / 0)
While Mark Warner differs from Willard "Mitt" Romney by actually being an entrepreneur and helping create a new market (cell phones), otherwise he is just another extremely rich guy who benefits from all the tax preferences given to the 1%. He is, to me, a typical Rockefeller Republican, that poor species that is now extinct in the GOP, thanks to the radical extremists who have taken the party over. Add to that the fact that he is trying to reflect what he perceives as the mainstream of Virginia politics and voila you have Mark Warner.

Sad to say Mark has to be in the Democratic Party because he would not be welcome in the party of the Koch Brothers, Pat Robertson, the Teahadists, Paul Ryan, etc.

[ Parent ]
Senator Warner, just tell the truth (4.00 / 1)
I'm kind of wondering at this point, why the campaign isn't more about throwing out the do-nothing, obstructionist Republicans in the House and Senate.  After all, re-election of President Obama is not going to accomplish much unless he gets a Congress he can work with.  Why not say that forcefully and often?  So why I don't expect Senator Warner to become a bitter partisan, I do expect him to say the obvious truth, rather than pretend that the Congress with its present make-up is going to be one where everyone will check their Republican or Democratic hat at the door. That just is not going to happen with the current group.  

Republicans using him ... (0.00 / 0)
In press release attacks ...

NOTE: Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, a former governor, said that traditional Labor Day rallies around the rural state are a good indicator of political sentiment.

In 2008, Warner said, "Obama for president" yard signs were everywhere. "People were coming in out of the blue to pay for the signs so they could put them up in their yards or carry them at the Labor Day events," he said.

Last week, as he traveled the state with former Gov. Tim Kaine, who is now running for U.S. Senate, Warner looked for the signs. "Tim and I were commenting to each other that we weren't seeing the same kind of things," Warner said. "They weren't buying the signs, let alone displaying them."


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