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Terry McAuliffe Announces for Governor of Virginia

by: lowkell

Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 18:25:29 PM EST

Interesting, given that Mark Warner supposedly is still mulling over whether to throw his own (large) hat in the gubernatorial ring. Stay tuned... 

Dear Lowell,

I am as excited as you that President Obama was re-elected with the help of Virginia and Tim Kaine will be our next Senator. We voted to keep moving our country forward with a President and Virginia Senators who fight for the middle class.

Overall, the message from America to Washington was clear: Forget party labels and start immediately working together for job growth and fiscal responsibility. On Election Night, I spent hours helping to make sure voters in Henrico County knew that if they were in line by the time polls closed, they had a right to vote even if it meant waiting for quite a while. As the President said on Tuesday, if citizens are waiting in lines for hours to vote, we simply have to fix that. It's something both parties can easily agree on.

After Tuesday, one thing is certain: Everyone needs a break from politics. This was an especially long and hard-fought election and now is the time for Washington to come together and solve some of the country’s most urgent issues around taxes, spending and our deficit.

I realize that after any election some people’s immediate question is about the next campaign. I want to be straightforward with you: I plan on running for Governor of Virginia in 2013.

Over the past four years, I’ve traveled to every corner of Virginia for over 2,400 meetings and events. It is absolutely clear to me that Virginians want their next Governor to focus on job creation and common sense fiscal responsibility instead of divisive partisan issues. If we want Virginia to be the best place for business, we need leaders who prioritize economic growth and move beyond the political issues that are designed to divide us.

2013 will be a new year, a new campaign, and a critical time to decide the future of the Commonwealth. Until then, I will be spending the holidays with my family, continuing my work in business, and listening to your ideas for Virginia’s future.

Enjoy the weekend with your family and the well-deserved break from politics.

Please stay in touch,



lowkell :: Terry McAuliffe Announces for Governor of Virginia
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Too soon... (0.00 / 0)
Should have waited until next week...

I could not be happier - Terry McAuliffe will be outstanding (0.00 / 0)
If there is one candidate that can get people out to vote, it's Terry - and you gotta think that he will have the field to himself.

Please tell me that Brian Moran won't get selfish and throw his hat in the ring.

The McAuliffe Candidacy (0.00 / 0)
On Election Night, I spent hours helping to make sure voters in Henrico County knew that if they were in line by the time polls closed, they had a right to vote even if it meant waiting for quite a while. As the President said on Tuesday, if citizens are waiting in lines for hours to vote, we simply have to fix that. It's something both parties can easily agree on.

If Terry is really concerned about citizens waiting in line for hours to vote, what is his agenda to see that it does not happen moving forward?  As governor, would he support additional state aide to localities to hire more poll workers, purchase additional voting machines?  What else would he do as governor, specifically, to limit the wait time at the polls and stop voter supression attempts by Rethugs/Conservatives?  

Does Terry support no excuse early voting in Virginia?  Does he support Janet Howell's legislation she says she will introduce in the next session to establish no excuse early voting?    

A businessman who said he spent his whole life creating jobs and said he could create jobs based on that experience just lost the presidency in an electoral vote shellacking.  The Obama campaign trashed Romney's business background quite effectively - how does Terry plan to use his business background to campaign for governor?  Does he carry the type of baggage Mitt Romney did that the Rethugs could use to sink his candidacy the way the Obama campaign sunk Romney's?  

Does Terry, and the aide closest to him, have the ability to put together a campaign organization on a statewide basis to turn out the vote - a topic being discussed in Democratic circles.  Are they hiring field staff from the Obama campaign who put Obama's infrastructure together that turned Virginia blue?  Virginia Democratic candidates have been getting clobbered due to their inability to turn out Democratic base voters in off year elections - so how does the McAuliffe campaign plan to motivate Democrats to vote next fall?  This is an important question because, as we know, Terry's campaign infrastructure was seriously lacking during the 2009 primary.

Who is Terry's choice to become Chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party?  The party desperately needs a new chair who can organize the party across the state that actually HELPS Dems get elected.  Brian Moran needs to go.  The next chair needs to be someone other than a current or former member of the state legislature who has the time to be an effective chair and makes building the party a top priority, rather than using the chairmanship for personal gain.  We need someone with experience running an organization who can put all the pieces together to make it function smoothly and successfully.  Ditto for a new executive director - lets face it, Dave Mills has been an ineffective executive director and needs to be replaced.

I know some of the questions are pretty tough but they do need to be answered so that we as a party know where our presumed nominee plans to take us over the next 11 months.  And perhaps pressure on McAuliffe's campaign is a good thing to make sure they are building an effective organization and communicating those plans to the party membership.

The last three years have been extremely frustrating under the McDennell administration so our presumed nominee needs to make sure he and his campaign have their act together to prevent Cuccinelli or Bolling from winning the governorship.            


[ Parent ]
He has certainly made the rounds (0.00 / 0)
recently to conjure up support.  However, I am not convinced he can win.


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